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Single review: Simon Carter - Deep & Dirty

Time for something I have always meant to start adding to Elektro Vox as a whole is Industrial Techno having fallen in love with it over the years but never quite delving in to it properly, with this review of 'Deep & Dirty' I feel like now is the perfect time to do so!


Hardstyle, Industrial & Fun tracks.

Not to be taken too seriously!

Simon has been in and around the electronic music scene for a long time and has several other projects including 'Studio-X vs. Simon Carter', 'SD-KRTR', 'Narconic', and 'Humans Can't Reboot'.



First of all I will say both of these tracks are fantastic and have the same quote samples shouting at 'Simon' and to get away from a 'device' which adds one hell of a dramatic flare to the whole thing. I could be very wrong but I vaguely remember these samples being from 'Ultimate Force' or at least a very similar military themed show.

"I was once told by someone that my latest track was good but needed more 'Simon', I've no idea what they meant but hopefully this meets their requirements..."


A deceptive opening that creates that real sense of euphoric inclusion and connection in a chilled out way, the kind of techno that plays smoothly as you transition between nightclub rooms or from scene to scene in a film.

After the samples have played out their first full loop, the drop in to the meat of the track kicks in and pulls those electronic soul strings in a supremely satisfying way even though there is a chilled flow to it all rather than an intensive beat kick like you'd expect from industrial techno.

That is until 4:26 when the bass starts to thump a little louder, a little more deeply, and fleshes out the layers of audio enjoyment.

A strong and smooth half to the release, like sipping on a fine bourbon on the rocks, it has all the right notes but doesn't hit you too hard.


In a perfect Yin and Yang symmetry 'Dirty' takes on that far more sinister and sci-fi edge, like a cyberpunk character who both wants to kick your ass and then screw the pain out of you, it grabs you right in the core where all electronic rave-esque music should do.

Each pulse, beat, and altered rhythm sends waves of satisfaction as it throws in higher layers of tempo and fierceness in comparison to 'Deep'.

3:47 drops a Buzzsaw sound that gets right in your diaphragm and kicks the intensity and sinister beats in to a higher gear. I can't even begin to imagine how good this would sound blared out at a nightclub full of intoxicated rave lovers and laser lights. (Slimelight DJ's take note!)





Truly a fantastic release that bridges the gap of easy listening industrial techno and high intensity EDM techno which some people find too aggressive even with the drama laden samples. This release hits all the right spots and I will be following Simon's work closely from now on!

Both tracks hone the two fine edges of the same electronic sabre and will appeal to any electronic clubbing fan. It's a hard thing to stand out in Techno with so many similar styles and beat patterns but Simon has certainly stood out from the plethora of techno I've come across in clubs and releases thus far.

If you find the time, add this guy to your usual playlist, you wont be disappointed!


Technicality: 8/10

Soul factor: 9/10

Energy: 9/10

Vocals/Samples: 6.5/10

Re-play value: 10/10

Overall score: 8.5/10

Simon Carter's Links page: HERE


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