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Single Reviews: Teknovore - Grip Of Pain + Citadel


Now for two singles - four tracks, from one of my absolute favourites in the scene, the glorious Teknovore. Throw in another of my favourites in the form of Biomechanimal and you can already guess which direction this review is gonna take! These releases are for the hardcore ravers, the break my kneecap dancers, and the ruin my ears headbanger!


Teknovore is the solo project from George Klontzas created in 2020. They first drew attention with the release of their first songs Olethros and Take Me Away which led to various remixes, interest from labels and their collaboration with rising star J:dead on the hit single Tearing Me Apart which quickly established them as a rising force in the underground electronic scene. Soon they were signed to Infacted Recordings and released the single Anachronist in December 2021 in advance of their full-length debut The Theseus Paradox in March 2022, both of which have received glowing reviews.

Teknovore have since appeared at a number of major European festivals including WGT (DE) and Resistanz(UK).

They are set to release their second album “Caerdroia” in 2024.

Teknovore’s tracks are marked by their deep basslines, pounding rhythms, melodic peaks and an unmistakable sense of energy and urgency. They take inspiration from a diverse range of electronic genres - from brooding, mid-tempo EBSM to aggressive dark Techno and Psytrance - while keeping one foot firmly planted in EBM/Industrial to forge something uniquely personal.

Teknovore explores the themes of cosmic indifferentism and the metaphysics of identity through their music.

--- Citadel

Teknovore’s trademark pounding beats and crushing basslines meet Biomechanimal’s cutting edge vocals in the adrenaline-charged new single, "Citadel", which serves as a glimpse into Teknovore's highly anticipated, second album, "Caerdroia" (pronounced cur-droy-ah). The single comes with an additional track, "Oubliette", a hard, melodic floor-filler which once again highlights Teknovore’s talent for assimilating a host of dark electronic genres and influences into his sound. "The world is a prison in which solitary confinement is preferable." Release Date: 19 April, 2024 Music by George Klontzas Lyrics and Vocals by Matthew L Simpson Mixed and Mastered by Dimitris Douvras Artwork by Nikos Stavridakis / VisionBlack based on an original idea by Mary Klontza

--- Grip Of Pain

‘Grip of Pain’ is the second single poised to pave the way for the release of Teknovore’s highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Caerdroia’.

Blistering EBM/Techno basslines combine with euphoric melodic peaks and vocals by Jan Kluge of Any Second to create a vicious dancefloor assault!

Also included is ‘Anamnesis’, a nostalgia-fueled Industrial Rave cut with a hard-hitting modern twist.

“The world you were born in no longer exists.”

Release Date: 17 May, 2024

Music by George Klontzas

Lyrics and Vocals by Jan Kluge

Mixed and Mastered by Dimitris Douvras

Artwork by Nikos Stavridakis / VisionBlack




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'Citadel' Feat. Biomechanimal has a poetic build up of spoken low growled words that flow with ease. At 0:46 we get the mid tempo beat kick in that Bio are well known for but with the underlying edge that Teknovore does so well with his music. It's got thumping rhythm, talented growls, and a lot of kicks, loops, and mini drops that I feel can only be appreciated when played at high volume, best with headphones even to take advantage of the way the directional audio (And especially the vocals) flow from side to side. When played live at Tanz this track was a whole other beast, being adapted to take advantage of live energy and sound systems. (A clip of which you can see in the interview video below)

'Oubliette'.. To forget.. The horrific Medieval practise of throwing someone in to a dark, tiny confined space and letting them starve, or be kept alive with meager sustenance to lose their sanity whilst forgotten about by the world. Wishing for death. See HERE This is a speedy, pounding trance dance powerhouse of a track that would be ideal for any Gym workout playlist. Just like old school trance greats, this track has female spoken lyrics that repeat adding depth and atmosphere to the theme of the track. The bass gets stompier at 2:40 much to my delight.

This actually came on whilst I was doing the washing up earlier and I found myself dancing along and over zealously scrubbing things clean to the beat. So yea, it's a high energy motivation track to say the least! Brilliant stuff.

'Grip Of Pain' kicks off with a swarm of electronic noise to flare up the energy quickly, dropping in hard with one hell of a kicking bass beat drop - complimented by old school Agrotech vocals by 'Any Second'. This feels like I'm listening to Teknovore vs Hocico almost, which is to say this track is fire. It has different sections to keep it fresh throughout, it has a star core-heavy beat, satisfyingly furious vocals, and electronic sounds that keeps your heart rate THUNDERING. Another fantastic gym track! I hope I get to hear this one live at some point! Because that will be a rave to remember!

'Anamnesis'.. Recollection (often of a past life) Something I love about George's approach to music is that he often names his tracks with brilliantly intellectual things like this, and as seen previously above with 'Oubliette' and of course with most tracks on (and of course the album itself) - The Theseus Paradox. This track is yet another BPM speed dream to rave and get carried away to. It has a menagerie of sounds and experimental touches that bring home the nostalgia of old school rave days in the 90s and early 2000's trance and EDM scene. The drop at 1:44.. HOLY FK, it's filthy, it's powerful, it's a feast for the soul, and drops again at 3:26 in a similar but uniquely different way making this a non-stop banger from start to finish at a very respectable 4:58 of length. Everything Teknovore produces is gold. I'm gonna have to start calling this production beast of a man - Midas..


Filthy, full of flavour, and rave heavy in the best of ways, these singles by Teknovore are incredibly fine additions to the flex that is George's portfolio of fantastic sound. You think you can make rave music (Without being pure heavy techno), or trance fuelled industrial music as well as this man? No.. No you can't This kicked my ass hard in headphones, my soul yearns for the day I get my ass audibly kicked by these tracks up and down a dancefloor, just as it has been at Tanz recently by Teknovore.

Incredible releases, a must have for any DJ!

Thank you!


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