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Video Interviews: Rotersand and Soman. Slimelight 36th Birthday London 18/11/23

At Slimelight's 36th Birthday anniversary I interviewed Soman, and about a week later caught up with Rotersand online which turned in to a fantastic insight in to their mindset.

Big thank you to Zero Day promotions and the band for putting on such a fantastic show.


Soman played a great set at the Slimes pre-show and took some time before hand to tell me about what's next for his music, which tracks mean the most to him, the meaning of the name, and some other interesting bits.

We were at the back of the cloakroom talking just as doors opened so we had to be quick because of noise, also I was not aware of the lighting issue at the time, and can't fix it without buying some expensive software, but never mind!


A very special interview as Rotersand rarely do interviews. Rascal and Krischan tell me some wonderful memories of theirs over their career, even getting quite emotional. They also share a lot about their thoughts on the current scene, their love of the community, share some great bits of history, and talk about some other bands they feel deserve more love.

Included are plenty of video clips and songs to keep you going!



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