3TEETH Vid interview + Live review. 3TEETH+PIG, London 6/2/20 at Heaven nightclub.

It's not every day you get to see a modern legend supported by a more traditional legend, yet that is exactly what was gifted to the fans in the UK. Having reached out to the industrial crowd for someone to put me in touch with Alexis Mincolla of 3TEETH, I was very appreciative when the artist MATT HART did just that for me; and so an interview and press pass was agreed upon early. Along came the day of the show and I had yet to hear back on where and when this interview could take place but if I have realised anything with my Elektro Vox work, a lot of it is down to sheer luck and optimism; So it was that whilst trying to find the venue super early, my group and I bumped in to a somewhat hungover Lex and fellow band mates in the street. We ended up joining them on a search for coffee and as my partner put it.. "You can't make this shit up!" Not long after we are chilling in the rather wonderful dressing rooms of the Heaven nightclub, enjoying a bottle of Camden Hells, and the interview below was the end result. After a time we thanked the band and headed out for a while, eager to see the show! Keep scrolling for the review..


I'd been looking forward to seeing PIG because I must confess, the older generations of industrial music are something I'm still learning about, discovering properly, and getting in to slowly. PIG are one of those bands that has been a cornerstone of industrial for a long time and so I was very much open minded in the hopes of enjoying what they had to offer. I was not disappointed in any way. During their first song I was enjoying myself, by the second song 'Mobocracy' I was hooked, and by the time 'Find it, Fuck it, Forget it' was playing, PIG had certainly made me a fan. From the catchy lyrics, to the brutal solos, to the fact he was wearing a chastity belt and spinning his fluffy coat around his head, these factors alone made for an incredibly enjoyable experience.

The visual art behind them was truly what you'd expect from a band who have seen and done it all. The macabre and politically heavy videos resonanted well with their history, modern times, and of course, their lyrics.

Not once did I feel bored during their performance even though their particular style of music is not something I found myself dancing to much. However that just allowed for me to appreciate their performance more rather than just banging my head!


3TEETH slowly took to the stage one by one building up the anticipation of the crowd who had expected an explosive entry, just as the crowd was left on the verge of anti-climax, 'Affluenza' ripped out across the atmosphere like lightning finally tearing the heart out of the skies, relieving the pressure in an explosive fury.

Half way through the track it became apparent that the sound of one of the guitars wasn't being picked up. After a few seconds of a roadie trying to fix it, Lex did something I have never witnessed before.. He called off the track and killed the music. That's not the amazing aspect though. Instead of going silent until the problem was fixed, he turned his incredible charisma switch on and joked with the audience.. "I'm not having that. Industrial music without the guitar, what do you call that...EBM?" The crowd howled at that unexpected humour out of nowhere. Very quickly the band were ready to play once more and so Lex called for the track to be spun up from the beginning. It was bold and it was glorious. This problem became a wonderful addition to the show as 'Affluenza' once again ripped out from stage, the audience was swept up in their tidal wave of exuberant energy and new life in a way that only 3TEETH can create.