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Album release - God Module - The unsound remixes

Last year we were treated to God Module's new album 'The unsound' which Elektro Vox was lucky enough to review first which can be found HERE. We were also had an album give away after our video interview at Slimelight Elektrowerkz with the band available HERE.

'The Unsound' was a very well received album that reinforced that difinitive God Module core sound that everyone has come to love over the years. It encorporated different slithers of sound from their back catalogue in to a delightful modern offering.

With 'The unsound remixes' to be released on the 7th of August it feels as though the alternative community have really come together to pay loving tribute to one of the main idols of industrial.

One minute tracks like Iris' remix of 'Hindsight' embrace your ears like a comfortable and warm bath, to the next where you are foot stomping along to the likes of ESA and Ruined Conflict's ideal renditions.

This album has everything that is lovable about God Module but in a way that is infinitely more approachable as the album stretches and grows in so many different sub genres whilst remaining quintessentially God Module at its core of course.

I found it impossible to do a full review as I would have to speak about seventeen bands at length, let alone God Module themselves for such an article. However I will say that it has been a real treat to listen to. If God Module were a dragon, these remixes would be the shining diamonds and rubys amongst the treasures of which they horde; for all to be at awe with upon listening.

Having said that I will give this album:

Overall score:


It is full of wonderful, if not contrasting arrays of musical stylings to choose from and it truly feels like God Module have been honoured in the way they deserve because come on admit it.. We all really love the God Mod! (And what would the scene be without them?)


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