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Album Review: Bein-E - Clothed In New Flesh

Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand (German roughly translated as 'The things that you think is going to be the thing, but not quite') aka Bein-E for short return with a remix album featuring some VERY impressive artists. For an experimental ambient band to have pulled so many big names in proves just how influential the members of the band are in the alternative scene. They seem to have even tempted Ruinizer out of 'retirement' for a remix!



Most impressively we start off with the iVardensphere remix of 'Icarus' which has taken the eerie vocals of the original and pushed them further back in to the edges of the track instead leaving a haunting, ghost story of a track. It brings an even darker atmosphere to the number. The clacking sounds peppered throughout make it sound like someone preparing their gear before a suicidal fight, forlorn with past memories.

'Blackest Rain' is much improved upon by BeineXruin (Ruin = Ruinizer) making a great use of the original's voice sample before absolutely ripping the track open in to a furious industrial rave that hits you out of nowhere. The great thing here is you tend to listen to Bein-E quite loud to hear the finer details in the ambient tracks, so when this kicked in with the loud and heavy drop, the full force of it hit me with that volume turned waaay up making for quite a fantastic experience!

Cease2Xist's remix of 'Stalker' provides some cyberpunk grime and mid tempo darkness to the mix throwing in a very catchy rhythm and BPM-again unexpected of the original. This feels like the soundtrack to a 21st century Dracula.

It goes without saying that Karkasaurus were gonna bring some hardcore and supremely speedy beats. Their 'Black Rain' remix is powerful and jammed packed with energy. It hits you in the face with the force of a runaway magnet train. The voice samples have been twisted in to something akin to an anime fight scene. This whole track feels like a souped up episode of Dragon Ball Z or Doctor Who on drugs and I love it.

'MMMXIX (v2)' continues the artful expression of looking in to important discussions like sexual abuse and anti-abortion violence. NonBio's remix bring a lot of chaos and noise, whereas G&T bring in some almost garage like techno worthy of a dance. Bitman brings some Synthwave and electro pop humour with his offering. The final two tracks finish off with a much more signature style that Bein-E usually produces.


Icarus - iVardensphere Remix

Blackest Rain - beineXruin

Stalker - Cease2Xist Remix

Black Rain - Karkasaurus Rex Remix


Icarus - G&T Remix

Stalker - NonBio Remix

Icarus - Bitman Remix

Monsters (Exhale)

Icarus (Single Version)


Something rather unexpected and very well presented from Bein-E. I didn't expect to be thrown so much energy and powerful rhythms to get my head bobbing along to. One minute experimental and dark, the next upbeat and brilliantly ridiculous. Such is the exploratory nature of Bein-E and this release sees a plethora of talent and ideas playing out wonderfully. Like grabbing a load of random ingredients from the fridge and somehow coming up with something that tastes amazing. Impressive work for sure.


Technicality: 7/10

Dance factor: 7/10

Energy: 8/10

Vocals / Samples: 6/10

Re-play value: 8/10

Overall score: 7.2 / 10

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