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Album Review: Dan Narkosis - Abject Terror

Updated: May 29


Quite a special one here. Dan is one of those not-so-well known artists that I rave about. His music is absolute fire and has a great range of variation for multiple tastes. (Check out his last two 'Hive' tracks) I meant to review this one at release but here we are. Quite interestingly this is the second album I've reviewed this month that takes inspiration from the horror film 'Event Horizon'. This whole album being devoted to it though brings forth quite the ambience of inescapable dread - even as you dance your way through the beats, and believe me, dance the FK you will!. Simply put.. It's brilliant!


From the mind of Dan Eastwood, former lead guitarist of Narcotic Death, comes the often confusingly diverse music of Dan Narkosis. After expanding his musical repertoire by session playing at iVardensphere live shows in the UK, this is the result. Keep your eyes and ears open, there is more to come.....




Abject Terror is my personal tribute to one of my favourite sci-fi horror films, the cult classic Event Horizon. It's dark, foreboding, psychological, traumatic imagery and depictions of torment, it stands as one of my all-time must watch films for anyone into horror.

As such, my mind has brought forth it's own darkness, and forged a musical soundscape that offers the listener a brutal experience. For best results, wear headphones, and set your media player to cross-fade by 1 second.



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'From Beyond Our Realm' hits deep with a cavernous bass distortion fade that quickly changes your brain chemistry from 'lets listen to this', to - 'Nothing exists but this track right now'. That in itself is impressive for an intro right? Like a great use, or even abuse, of binural sound. The track feels like the industrial version of a study or meditation gamma wave piece of music, the distorted cyber sense of an 'almost' scream perpetuates throughout and really does put you in the correct headspace to be assaulted by 'Pulse of Terror'. The intro to 'Pulse of Terror' is a deceptive one, it seems like a standard intro to a track, maybe a touch slow; Putting you in to that false sense of assumption and safety, but then at 25 seconds in it crushes you with a bass loop so fkn filthy that it feels like you're being curb stomped! When it again drops in heavy at 1:45 after a brief slow down.. Well I fear for the soles of boots everywhere should this ever be played to a packed out crowd, and played it damn well should be!

It is so crunchy and gurn worthy. Turn it up to 11!

'Liberate Tuteme Ex Inferis' The words heard from the recording of the Event Horizon crew whilst suffering and murdering one another whilst in hell.. Taking that sound sample as the intro and throwing in a damn heavy bass percussion beat, this becomes something more than mid tempo industrial. It becomes an actual factory of music slamming away, pounding on the anvil of rhythm, steel, and fear. What Dan has created here is what industrialised music is all about. At 2:29 it throws in an electro resonance loop that is deeply satisfying and scratches my brain. Suffering is something I cannot stand (even the sounds of) in horror films and usually put me off things fast, but this, this just sounds cool as fk! 'Evacuation of Sanity' takes a bit of a slower approach with a jarring sense of an alarm, it's like a new genre here almost.. Horror synthwave.. Believe it or not; Or maybe terror-synth instead of synthpop. Either way it's quite the experimental track and worth hearing what I mean.

'Weir's Requiem' starts with the fate of Weir in the film. The drop at 1:06 MY GODS, stompy, chonky, crunch, loud, filthy, Bass-y, you get the idea.. Most of the song is an almost tribal repetition of beat until the final part of the track where some electronic noises get thrown around in a decently entertaining way.

'Hell Is Only A Word, the reality is much, much worse..'

Is the opening quote for 'Hell Is Only A Word', and Dan once again hits us at 0:27 with another INCREDIBLE bass drop. This is quite possibly my favourite drop of all time, no exaggeration! It's heavy, it's got variation, it hits all the depths of your skull, it changes to a pounding beat shortly after whilst keeping up the same energy through to 1:07 and throws it back at you even harder, even filthier, it tears at the very fabric of your mind's reality with just how good this is!

This track does slow down for a little while after those amazing drops, which I feel leaves it as wide open as my jaw during said drops and begging for a rave remix so the energy it has doesn't drop off.


The non-stop great horror emphasis enriches throughout this album, so you never feel that the Event Horizon inspiration has been strayed from. The bass, the drops, and the pounding rhythms are some of the best I have ever heard which leave me to wonder why on Earth Dan has not been picked up on by many people yet. Abject Terror is one of the heaviest, filthiest, damn right dance floor destroying stomp releases of our time. It will curb stomp you audibly multiple times over. It is a pristine piece of artistic dedication in not only genre defining (and genre defying) sound, but in cross media tribute and reflection.

This is by far one of the best pieces I have heard in recent years and can't wait to see how hard this carpet bombs a dancefloor!

Thank you!


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