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Album Review: Draven - Massacre Blood Club

Updated: Mar 15

An irresistible delight to sink the teeth in to. Massacre Blood Club is an elegant concept story album which has some big names in the dark electronic scene infusing the album with multiple genre explorations; All of which gravitating around the most enjoyable type of night clubs.. Vampyric ones

Massacre Blood Club releases 15/3/24


Massacre Blood Club was written in a very meticulous way, paying close attention to its modern production, composition and listenability.

A fierce-foul bass assault of high and powerful energy combining Draven’s dark horror elements and fusing it with modern EDM to create a groovy & headbanging record.

Influenced by the “The Collection” movie and its soundtrack the record is a nightmare to be reckoned with.

All tracks are made in such a way to represent another genre.



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'Seductive Meat Grinder' starts us off and I would be ignorant to not mention the introduction scene to Blade.. We all know it, we all love it, this album starts us off in that same way but for a modern and far more experienced crowd of listeners.

The witness report at the top of the article sets that scene well enough but instead of the 90's filth club vibe, we're in to the ever popular cyberpunk - now infused with 'the dance macabre'.

'Encryption' brings a more in your face sense of urgency and importance the like of which the 28 days later soundtrack did well, or the likes of the emotional plucking talents of Faithless. The track really reminds me of a 90's slow and dark dance tune all of us would know - the name of which completely escapes my mind.

'Stained On The Mainframe' also fits this description nicely too but with a great use of piano and strings to add extra emphasis and power to the somewhat dubstep style techno. The slower sections add in that creeping horror feel making for a brilliant piece of cinematic atmospheric.

With 'In The Taste Of Blood' we have the dark dance in full swing for a mindless bit of body swinging action followed by 'Not Your Kind' which is the only track to have singing included against a more retrowave-rock sort of vibe adding a great midway point to the album. "OFF COOOOURSE IT'S TEKNOVORE!" I said out loud to my partner as I closed a few research Tabs on Draven to see which song this was as I first listened to it.. My lips pursed in a solid 'Ooof'. The reason? Well at 1 minute in you have some very tasty industrial pulsing 'wub wubs' for lack of a better word. The type of track that would go down amazingly at a rave. I do secretly hope someone remixes it to have the BPM just a little faster. An amazing track and probably my favourite on the album don't get me wrong, but I'm greedy for the speedy rave tunes! (If you've not checked Teknovore out yet, WHY NOT? shame on you! Do so immediately.. after reading all of this of course. :) )

'Redrum 8' and 'Through The Cerebral Cortex' bring us back to the more techno industrial bass. The latter having one of the most enjoyable vocals samples I've ever heard at 2:24 about the effect of music and the human mind. I must ask Draven if he or the ever incredible We Are Magonia chose it.. 'D3ATH' choirs in an ominous start which breaks down in to some sick break beat industrial dubstep, the likes of which Biomechanimal have been known to wield. This is a modern soundtrack to angels fighting demons and bodies dropping all around. A fierce track with powerful - story rich atmosphere. 'Blasphemy' does quite similar to 'D3ATH' but with a bit more breakbeat and remixing of choral vocals.

'In The Taste Of Blood'.. Everything Zardonic does is brilliant but this.. This blows my f**ing mind! Super speedy drum and bass... when I said I was greedy for speedy rave tunes earlier, Zardonic seems to have said 'oh really?' and turned those bpm's up to inhuman levels.

Last, as a bonus is '777', a previous release with the description:

"He did this to me..."

777 is the drug popularly known as "Amphetamine".

An EBM infused Techno track to get you moving even on the most violent club nights!

This one (as well at 'Through The Cerebral Cortex') was already a regular play in my driving playlist so it's great to see it included as well. It gives a feeling of streets of rage meets castlevania but in the present day. Draven really has got this dark dance club style down to a truly satisfying T.

(Want to know / hear more? Some of these tracks are already on Draven's bandcamp with deeper song descriptions.)


Seductive Meat Grinder (feat. Sebastian Komor)

Encryption (feat. Tim N)

Stained On The Mainframe

In The Taste Of Blood (feat. CONNÖR)

Not Your Kind (feat. The Static Architect)

X-Stacy (feat. Teknovore)

Redrum 8

Through The Cerebral Cortex (feat. We Are Magonia)


Blasphemy (feat. We Are Magonia)

In The Taste Of Blood feat. CONNÖR (Zardonic & Jhofre Remix)

BONUS: 777


Massacre Blood Club chills to the bone with vampyric atmospheric elegance and dance entrancing rhythms. Seductive and elegant, this is rave worthy for those with discerning, darker tastes. Yes there is already plenty of this style of music to be found if you look - especially if you listen to the 'Aim To The Head' mixes on YouTube but Draven brings something.. 'top shelf' to the genre.

His ability to display this many different cocktails and variations of musical theme from a focussed selection proves that he is truly a talent to be reckoned with.

Also check out this previous B-Movie sounding banger by Draven:

Thank you


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