Album Review: Witch of the Vale - Commemorate

Updated: Jan 10

This has been an album I have looked forward to since first hearing Witch of the Vale's track 'Fever' back in 2018. This was back when we had a nice collection of fresh and intriguing bands becoming widely known on the lips of the Gothic community in the UK seemingly overnight; Witch of the Vale, and SKYND being two prime examples.

This debut album brings together 8 songs from previous EPs and a remix release, as well as adding five new tracks, and an incredible cover of Lana Del Rey's 'Gods and Monsters.'

Most impressively for this album and the band themselves is being signed to Cleopatra records, a label which has some huge names on it with Witch of the Vale currently sat at the top of their Bandcamp page:

Erin and Ryan Hawthorne bring together two forms of theme in their music. The two sides being the beautiful tragedy of Gothic music and the ancient instinctual atmosphere of paganism in to a rather ethereal blending of spiritual with electronic.

Perhaps this kind of soul touching and otherworldly music is only possible living in a remote and beautiful land, such is their location in the Outer Hebridean Isles of Scotland.

Recently the band took part in Beat:Cancer at home, performing another magical cover, this time of Nine Inch Nails' 'Hurt' and were interviewed by one of the B:C DJs - Duracell Bunny.




'Something Lost' is an ambient track that perfectly establishes the magical landscape, harmoniously mixing electronics with nature, and the soul.

'Fever' and 'Trust the pain' are two tracks that anyone familiar with Witch of the Vale will already know well and for good reason. The slow majestic beats, alongside the melodic grace of Erin's voice, makes it quite easy to close your eyes and drift away on a personal journey without realising where the time went. They are truly relaxing and feel like a bath for the soul that you can happily drown in.

The same is true of 'The way this will end.' The string sections alongside the rest of the musical ensemble creates a deep, deep emotional well that is so incredibly easy to fall in to but so hard to get out of. It's Gothic perfection..

'Undressed' is the