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Biomechanimal + Mechanical Vein's upcoming single 'Waves'

Elektro Vox
Waves. Biomechanimal & Mechanical Vein

After 5 years, Biomechanimal start their 2020 release schedule working alongside fellow bass-head, co-producer and bandmate Mechanical Vein with a fierce collaboration track. Drawing on influences from modern EDM, London industrial, and seagulls, "Waves" sets the scene for both artists' return to the digital stage with a brutal crescendo. With lyrical themes exploring music as a self-destructive art form, Biomechanimal and Mechanical Vein bring their artistic A-game. With remixing credits from DNB monster Sinister Souls and industrial heavyweight Grendel, and mastered by Lukas Turza of Snap Mastering (Noisia, Bassnectar), this single is a well-engineered uppercut from the first release out of HYBRID BLAK.


Interview We Asked Matt of Biomechanimal and Keith of Mechanical Vein:

Q. What does waves mean to you in regards to the lyrics, the ideas behind it, and how it relates to the next album/s?

Matt of Biomechanimal. Elektro Vox


A. So for me, the first line of the chorus is taken from a Salvador Dali quotation, about how art is the source of our own destruction. The songs main theme is the constructive and destructive effects art has had and will have on our lives; The sacrifice, the breadth of experience, the way it has shaped us so the title, waves, is a summation of this. A journey across the sea, the epic highs and desperate lows of being an artist, a wave. As a song relating to future material, there’s a lot to take away. It’s almost an apology for this taking so long, as one of the lows of being an artist is trying to match your self expectations and destroying yourself in the process but now we’ve crested that wave. We’re surging forward and there’s more to come, to explore, to discover.

Keith of Mechanical Vein + Biomechanimal


A. One of the sub-themes in this song is the idea of fighting off nihilism by fully throwing yourself into constructive and meaningful pursuits.