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EP Review: Analogue Blood - Equinox

There is a flood of words that comes to mind with this release, from my instant 'Oh wow, this is psytrance but industrial!'(Which I have always wanted) to 'Ohh this part sounds like Mind.In.A.Box, this part sounds post rock, this part sounds like Prodigy, how did they make THAT sound? and so on.. Basically treat your ears and soul to this yourself and take one hell of a trip with Analogue Blood! I mean the fact there are mushrooms on the cover too.. mmm, yes *Chef's kiss*


Industrial, electronic and energetic, ‘Equinox’ is the latest release from guitar driven EDM duo, Analogue Blood. Located in the North East of England, Analogue Blood take listeners on a psychedelic journey engulfed in hallucinogenic grit and power.

The five-track EP, inspired by the euphoria of summer time and live music, was written in the height of Summer 2021, emerging from the turbulence of the past year.

Coming off the back of a national tour, Analogue Blood have already taken the upcoming EP out on the road. Aggressive and assertive, ‘Equinox’ is a dynamic body of work with hints of surrealism and otherworldly sonics. With sharp arpeggiated synth lines, crunching guitar riffs and pulsating EDM drum beats, ‘Equinox’ is full of relentless energy, contorted and twisted into Analogue Blood’s signature sound. Amongst the dark shadows of glitching electronics and impactful textures, glides a range of eerie vocal lines. Tracks like ‘Keep On Dancing’ and lead single ‘Equinox,’ are accentuated by angelic and haunting female vocals, a stark contrast to the heavy guitars and distorted production, while ‘Invisible’ introduces the powerful delivery of male vocals. Influenced by the likes of Eat Static, Prodigy and Cubanate, Analogue Blood have created a soundscape that makes listeners want to dance in the middle of mosh pit.