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EP review: Simon Carter and Fabsi - Witch But Not Famous

Recently I had an incredible album in every sense of the word land in my Inbox and is one of the main reasons why my musical passions have drifted further and further into the the Industrial Techno world and away from traditional industrial when putting a playlist on for my own enjoyment. That album was Simon Carter and Fabsi's - The Bitches Potion.. Full review of The Bitches Poison HERE.

So.. I am delighted to share with you now the newest EP with the two returning for more of the same! I for one cannot wait to hear this music live at Zero Day Festival next week!


The dynamic Techno-Witch duo SIMON CARTER & FABSI are pleased to present the conclusion to their successful debut album 'THE BITCHES POTION' (released in March 2022).

'WITCH BUT NOT FAMOUS' is a DJ-Friendly EP which is essentially three extensive singles in one release. Each single is accompanied by different versions and remixes to suit all your spooky dancefloor needs.

Remixes come courtesy of some of Simon's oldest and dearest musical friendships: 'STUDIO-X', 'TEKNOVORE', 'C-LEKKTOR' and 'RUINIZER'

Released on Halloween 2022.