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EP review: Simon Carter and Fabsi - Witch But Not Famous

Recently I had an incredible album in every sense of the word land in my Inbox and is one of the main reasons why my musical passions have drifted further and further into the the Industrial Techno world and away from traditional industrial when putting a playlist on for my own enjoyment. That album was Simon Carter and Fabsi's - The Bitches Potion.. Full review of The Bitches Poison HERE.

So.. I am delighted to share with you now the newest EP with the two returning for more of the same! I for one cannot wait to hear this music live at Zero Day Festival next week!


The dynamic Techno-Witch duo SIMON CARTER & FABSI are pleased to present the conclusion to their successful debut album 'THE BITCHES POTION' (released in March 2022).

'WITCH BUT NOT FAMOUS' is a DJ-Friendly EP which is essentially three extensive singles in one release. Each single is accompanied by different versions and remixes to suit all your spooky dancefloor needs.

Remixes come courtesy of some of Simon's oldest and dearest musical friendships: 'STUDIO-X', 'TEKNOVORE', 'C-LEKKTOR' and 'RUINIZER'

Released on Halloween 2022.

Catch Simon Carter and Fabsi on Friday 11th November at Zero Day Festival London.


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'Omens' has an opening that does remind me a little bit of that famous line 'It's an omen' by The Prodigy but soon enough we are thrust back into the futuristic dark techno of Simon entranced with the fantasy witchcraft darkness of Fabsi.

Two of my favourite things are the ancient, and the futuristic - old woodland lore, and the cybernetic horizon. So to have this duo once again mashing these two things together that absolutely should not work into some of the best industrial techno of our time is absolutely astounding.

Their music may not be the most well known out on the scene but I truly believe that after Zero Day Festival, their names and music will be on the lips of people like wildfire over the next year, just as everyone knew who 'I Hate Models' and 'SKYND' were seemingly overnight.

'Omens' brings a steady pace and has an underlying rhythm that sounds like plastic pipes being hit to create one hell of a track. Fabsi's lyrics are catchy and satisfying as ever. The haunted version brings the tempo down to a much more 'house' kind of vibe and the club version appeals to the more EDM sense of 'normality' or whatever the mainstream considers it to be; So a nice trio there for all tastes.

Then we have Studio-X, a personal favourite artists of mine who I have sadly not covered on Elektro Vox yet! (I must change that!) Their remix brings the crazy journey that their tracks are well known for in to the mix, throwing the track through many different types of loops and tempos into something quite special for the mind.

'Witch Hit' is a FILTHY bass driven 'oontz' track that flirts across the lines of that most elusive of genres.. Industrial trance, and oddly mixed in with a little bit of horror with the looped sample. Listen to it and you'll understand what I mean. The Possessed version bring the tempo down and ramps up the bass and horror to more than compensate for it. The Cursed 113BPM version just strikes me as a little bit strange though..

Now the C-Lekktor version however.. DAMN, now that is something tasty for the traditional Industrial lovers and has a real tongue in cheek second half that throws out quite the party vibe all round.

Finally we have 'We Are The Witches' a track that was on the recent album and a track I love (But not as much as HEX HEX which is quite similar, especially lyrically) but you can read about that in my other review HERE. The Enchanted version brings a heavier feel and a slightly faster tempo breathing a new lease of life into an already great song.

Teknovore then does what he does best, throws your mind through space with more of an industrial trance spin which makes this version deeply fulfilling in every aspect of your body as you listen, massaging places in your mind and soul you didn't even know needed an aural massage.

Finally we have Ruinizer doing what he does best too (And I'm so glad to see his name back in full in the industrial world!) Jay Ruin turns this track in to some of the slickest and most decadent dance fugal state of pure cyber ritualistic bliss. Honestly I am always stunned by how damn good this guy is at crafting, reworking, and re-forging music in the way he does. Top class stuff!



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