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Interview /Review: Obsidian Frontline by Seraphim System.

Targets acquired

Seraphim System explodes back on to the dance floor with one hell of a noise heavy STOMP album that is full of dark twisted energy fit for a revolution.

Seraphim System is the solo work of John Stancil, a supremely talented musical machine who has put out multiple albums of various styles and sounds within the world of industrial; as Digital World Audio put it.. "From the dance floor friendly 'Deadly Force' through the hip-hop heavy 'Automaton Assisted Annihilation' to the industrial-metal of 'Luciferium' and 'Pandaemonium.." John's work has been an impressive amalgamation of genre melding that you can never quite put your finger on, and you're never quite sure which sound tangent each new album will take. Which is why the term Swaggrotech has become the self described term for his style which now also has Ruinizer and Sirus in on the 'style' that is swaggrotech; fully solidifying what was just a fun phrase in to a new and very much valid path of industrial.


Q. The album is clearly a concept piece, from the track names, to the promotional teaser vids saying about taking down the rich, and the political aspect of it being released on the 4th of July, so tell me about the story of this album?

I wanted the album to be the soundtrack to an armed revolution with parallels drawn between robo-warfare and real life human insurrection. The rich should fear the common people, and the common people at some point should just hunt them and execute them. Your voice, your vote, your livelihood; none of this matters to the wealthy elite. Action alone moves the world. Some people love to share memes about eating the rich but have no idea what kind of sacrifice an armed revolution would cost.

The promotional teaser sets the album's atmosphere up nicely with samples from Bill Williamson.

Q. The tracks on it need to be played loud in order