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Interview with HATARI + Live Review Of London 16/7/22

To say that HATARI are unlike anything you have ever experienced would only just begin to describe the amazing artistry and performance of the band, but where they excel most, is the characterisation of HATARI as a whole.

On stage HATARI are an aggressive, deadly serious Anti-Capitalist band laced with charm, intensity, and poignant apathy that enhances the experience. Their artistry really puts their work and live shows on to a very complex and intellectual plane of dance floor exploration of the self and the wider world.

This is then completely shattered off stage with their ridiculous humour, playing to capitalist stereotypes, and poking fun at everything and everyone, especially themselves!

This is humorous corruption and they demand we all dance the Spillingardans (Corruption dance) or die..



Back in 2020, I had arranged for a video interview with the band before their London show but then we all went in to lockdown. I was reminded of HATARI finally coming back to the U.K just a few days before their London show and made sure I didn't miss it. So although I did not have the time to reschedule our interview, Matthías was kind enough to agree to the following interview!

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