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j:Dead presents 3 new singles featuring FabrikC and Tyske Ludder

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Never one to stop, Jay Taylor has released three more singles, working hard with some very well known bands to bring you three monstrously good tracks all varying in style from one another. Come listen in.


The Singles:

Peststufen - j:dead remix

Tyske Ludder and j:dead collaboration release

Release date: 15th July 2022

‘German Gods of EBM’ - Tyske Ludder have had a series of releases over the past year, one of them being Peststufen in 2021. Now we get to hear a new take on this dark pounding track by existing Tyske Ludder member (Jay Taylor) with his solo project j:dead - reworking this piece into a clear combination of sounds which both best represent each project's contribution.

Jay Taylor of j:dead has been the live drummer of Tyskle Ludder over the past decade, who started his project in late 2019 then soon after signed to Infacted Recordings.

The reworking of Pestufen was taken on by j:dead and rebuilt to include his own English and German lyrics in a typical j:dead style. This modern twist of old school EBM builds into a crescendo of roaring guitars, stomping beats and the competing vocals of both artists.


Straight away this track has a great 'bounce' to it and an old-school EBM feel. As the throaty vocals that Tyske Ludder are known for grate out an aggressive tune, you can hear the subtle keyboard tones inspired by j:Dead's part of the track. We are then treated to Jay adding in some smooth, smooth vocals spread amongst the track bringing a nice mellow feel to the song and this contrast of vocals works so incredibly well that it really showcases how traditional EBM and modern styles can compliment one another fantastically.



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High Time (Chinese Takeaway)

j:dead and FabrikC

Released 19/08/22

As the summer of 2022 has scorched us all for the past few months - j:dead and FabrikC have been cooking up their own storm behind the scenes, creating a high intensity track to flood your ears.

j:dead (fronted by Jay Taylor) is no stranger to a 2022 collaboration - as so far this year we have heard him team up with TeknoVore, Menschdefekt, Against I and Tyske Ludder - all alongside and in addition to their own releases off of the back of their latest EP Vision of time. FabrikC have also been hard at work in 2022 with 2 releases under their belt as well as a whole HOST of new music throughout the rest of this year!

This collaboration saw the pair completely re-invent FabrikC most popular club track - Chinese Food and turn it into a darker and more aggressive track with a chorus hook you can only imagine being sung out loud in sheer madness across a dark and smoke covered dancefloor. High Time (Chinese Takeway) blends the raw emotion of j:dead's vocals with the standout beats from FabirkC - emphatically known for their “Heaviest bass drum” reputation.

The tale in this story depicts the gruesome events of a mad-man, and his disciples inability to right the wrongs he caused.


If you haven't heard the original FabrikC - 'Chinese food' track that samples the German version of 'Dude, Where's my car?' then honestly WHERE have you been? Smashing this well known track beat to the fierce fire vocals of j:Dead honestly makes this track one of the best I have heard all year.

This is the passionate yet melodic niche that makes j:Dead so thoroughly enjoyable to listen to, especially as he swaps from melodic to full throat screams from one moment to the next. It's that wonderful blend of multiple genres from one second to the next all within the same song that keeps your brain stimulated constantly and wanting more, never quite sure which direction the track is going to go in next. This mixed with the familiar and constant FabrikC beats makes this a genuinely satisfying listen that deserves a place on everyone playlist.

There's often a collective of joking *sighs* on a dancefloor as the old classic tracks like 'Chinese Food' start to play but I would love to see a dancefloor go from that humorous moment to then suddenly getting swept away with Jay's vocals. I think that would make a great little moment if I were DJing.


Perfect Happiness

j:dead and FabrikC

Released 30/09/22

After the dancefloor success of their last collaboration, High Time (Chinese Takeaway), j:dead and FabrikC are back - this time with even more aggression! Perfect Happiness is a dark-techno track which conjures up images of gothic culture filled raves - only there to fuel the dancing figures till the sun rises.

The lyrics embody emotions of fear and being trapped as this horror driven track continues to beat on and on.

Jay Taylor (of j:dead) takes the opportunity to show his unapologetic aggressive nature throughout his vocal performance. Something that just couldn't be delivered in any other style with the pierce of the synth lines extending out of the pounding beats provided by FabrikC. Both artists have been hard at work through 2022 with a series of releases - with more to come in the near future. However it is clear to say this collaboration takes their creativity and anger to their limits!


A lot of screams showcase the across the pounding bass of this track and very little melody. It's like a new evolution of aggrotech, moving away from the synth distorted screams in favour of pure vocals, yet still keeping that essence of intense dance and rave fuelled industrial notes with the odd media sample.

This track is short, powerful, and like a shot of angry audio espresso to get you the F up.



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