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EXCLUSIVE early listen: Jan Doyle Band - 'The body balanced' EP

Elektro Vox present an exclusive preview of the new Jan Doyle Band EP - The body balanced. Released on the 14th of this month, we give you the only place to listen early! In my review of JDB's live performance at The Fiddlers Elbow last year (available here) I described Derek's 'Insurrectionary Neo Futurism' as..

"A band half way to old school goth Sister's of Mercy but got snagged on David Bowie, and slipped in a puddle of glam; in a sense... The Clash on acid."

This performance also won my 4th top live show of 2019 alongsides the likes of Rammstein and iVardensphere; Yes really! That's how intense and incredible the live art Derek performs is. (List here)

Jan Doyle Band:

The Body Balanced is our most ambitious release to date. We have put a huge amount of time, effort (and money!) into getting this right. We like to think we take you on quite a journey with this... from Synth Goth to industrial punk, electro ballad, new wave and cyber dance pop we've got many bases covered. We feel more than any other band around today, we offer a great variety in our music. So many aritsts seem content to stick to 'a sound'. To us music is a vast area to explore with many different experiences to enjoy.

Body Balanced - A song of unfulfilled desire and dissatisfaction at the sate of things. Sung as some unnamed, unidentified character who feels than no real person is meeting their impossible ideals of form and attitude, which are a dream-like perfection. The gender of this character having these thoughts is also open to interpretation. Confusion - Things aren't as they are supposed to be and it's confusing. What do we feel? What does anyone feel? We explore this in a perhaps seemingly confusing chaotic mess of industrial punk, heavily inspired by Deutsche Amerikanische Freundschaft Reflections - Almost a sequel or aftermath of Confusion. Here we explore our identity in the world. Are we what we appear to be? Do we live up to what we want to be? Are we fitting in with who we desire to be amongst. Such things frequently plague our lives. Who is that looking back when we look in the mirror.. Play Pretend - Life without art is a life not lived. We need art and creativity in order to survive. We need imagination. We need the moments where, just for a short while, we can be someone or somewhere else. We don't say ignore the wrongs of the world but sometimes enjoy time to take a break from that. Here we celebrate that and various artists who have inspired that in us, can you identify them? 4 are hinted at (in a rather plain sight way) Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - Derek has always loved this track and decided it could be rather good fun to do it live, not realising it would actually become an absolute stonking anthem of a set finished. With a gradually increasing tempo, the ridiculous ramps up in spectacular fashion to a huge crescendo, truly transforming this camp disco classic into our own thing. An absolute fan favourite live so we felt we had to finally release it.


Releases March 14, 2020 All tracks written and performed by Derek Anthony Williams Except Body Balanced Lyrics by Duncan Vaughan Timiney Music: Derek Anthony Williams and Duncan Vaughan Killian Timiney Reflections: Music by Duncan Vaughan Killian Timiney & Derek Williams Yes Sir I Can Boogie written by Frank Dostal, Rolf Soja Guitar on all tracks: Kelly D Backing Vocals on Body Balanced and Boogie by Lady LD50 Backing Vocals on Play Pretend by Leah Jones of Most tracks mixed and mastered by Steve Whitfield who has a wealth of experience as a sound engineer and producer, A very well known name and one of the most experienced producers in the country right now. He's worked in boutique studios all over Britain, France, Canada and the USA. He's worked with labels such as Polydor, Elektra, Geffen, Emi, Fierce Panda, Moon Ska and China Records. Steve's Clients Include - The Cure, Terrorvision, Shed Seven, The Mission, Black Wire, Fossil Collective, Yann Tiersen, Trashcan Sinatras, John Le Carre (speaking book), The Pale Saints, Kava Kava, Jonjo Feather, The Black Bloc, Extra Curricular, Immune, The Scaremongers/Simon Armitage, The Dead Pets, Vib Gyor, Buen Chico, Four Day Hombre, Milloy..... Confusion mix & master by Tom Henthorn Record Producer, Recording Engineer and a Mix Engineer from Sheffield. I produced his first album when I was 19 and developed his sound engineering skills throughout his 20s in studios like Jump Recording Studio and the much reputed Yellow Arch Studios. In 2006, he opened up Ebb-Tone Recording Studio in Sheffield. The sound quality of the studio has improved massively because of the investment made possible by success and has lucky enough to record every kind of band in every kind of style, including now INSURRECTIONARY NEO FUTURISM


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