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Live review: SYD.31, AlterRed, Jan Doyle band, and Down from above at the Fiddler's elbow Camden.

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

It was set to be a jammed pack weekend for the alternative scene with bands like Rammstein, 3Teeth, and Ministry drawing in the crowds as well as people saving energy for London Pride the next day. Even so the bands that played at the Fiddler's elbow did so with pure passion and determination in the face of such competition for audience numbers.

Arriving at the historic and beautiful Fiddler's elbow which is decorated in hundreds of vinyl records, hundreds more posters, and thousands of stickers top to toe, I kicked myself that I had not visited this bar before. It really is one of gems that should adorn the crown of alternative royalty in London and I would suggest you drop in just to view the aesthetic over a pint next time you pass Camden's way. I also was not sure what to expect of the bands either. I knew SYD.31 well already and had set up an interview with the band which can be found here. I had also heard of AlterRed but couldn't remember much, the other two were a mystery to me but I was in high hopes for the evening and without a doubt, those hopes were fulfilled!

Let me put this out there now. If I don't know a band, I am highly critical when it comes to seeing anyone play live, especially in a bar having seen far too many amateur as hell bands cover one too many Wonderwall and Sex is on fire tracks if you know what I mean? However each and every band was highly entertaining and has changed that perception for me almost over night. Down From Above

This duet of a guitarist and a female singer with backing music to support was an absolute delight! Have you ever watched Supernatural or True Blood on TV? Well this band's music wouldn't go amiss playing over an important scene, be it emotional, or fast paced.

Their music is powerful with some intense melodies both vocally and shredded from the guitar. Even with this powerful sound, the vocals were pitch perfect and clear enough to make out the lyrics over the top of what was a very well balanced overall sound; partly due to the high quality equipment of the venue as well as the band's talent.

I had to tell the band after their performance how much I enjoyed it and was lucky enough to be handed an EP by the lovely singer Anastasia. They have a couple of tracks on Spotify at the moment called 'Where angels fall', and 'Give it up.' Which I have listened to quite a few times already whilst writing this. Go check them out! Jan Doyle Band

This is a true art piece to watch. A band half way to old school goth Sister's of Mercy but got snagged on David Bowie, and slipped in a puddle of glam; in a sense... The Clash on acid. There's PVC galore, glam metal hair, and retro aesthetic makeup for days. Even through all that, the industrial sound still underlines everything perfectly.