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Live Review: HRH Goth London & Leeds. 11+12/9/21

*Rave The Requiem, Grooving In Green, and Cold In Berlin did not attend and were replaced by Novus UK, FyreSky, and Witch Of The East.

Welcome! This is going to be a different sort of live review for a change with Elektro Vox. On this occasion we had myself down at the London show with a media pass to get some interviews in; and Mr Smith up at the Leeds half of the show with a pit pass to get the juiciest photos that my Iphone could never live up to! Now I spent most of the first day trying to grab bands and the second day taking time to enjoy my friends' company so I can't say I paid a great amount of attention to each band to write anything in depths for many of them and Mr Smith is busier than he's ever been with new found photography success. So it is for these reasons that the band reviews will be very short but in essence what I truly seek to review is the festival itself!

Scroll down for a vast array of images and interview videos! This was the first ever HRH Goth (Incorporating HRH Industrial) and many of the original line up were not able to make it due to Covid, travel restrictions, probably something Brex-Sh*t related no doubt, and some other rumoured issues.

Now I will admit that I had been very sceptical about this festival because for one, I knew very few of the bands, and secondly it seemed to be marketing itself as 'the first true UK Goth festival experience' which seemed like quite the unresearched slap in the face towards Infest, Resistanz, and Whitby festivals and I found the lack of line up change info disturbing.

Having said that.. What I expected was a fairly poor weekend, what I got however was an incredibly friendly, helpful, and thoroughly enjoyable experience even if I didn't agree with a few of the line up. The staff were incredible, the bands performed their hearts out, and long needed socialising was had in a great atmosphere, minus two small instances that is.

Having got my passes agreed only the day before from an incredibly helpful Holly and Toby over the phone, I was then introduced to the lady in charge, Charlotte (Charl) and Harry at the venue. Having had a misunderstanding with my media pass' access rights, I was led up to Charl once again by security supervisor Lee. Charl was amazingly friendly and issued my partner and I with higher passes and Harry showed us to a room that we could use all to ourselves for interviews upstairs in the Foyer. Perfect! So first day was full of great first impressions even with the confusion.