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Live Review/Interview: Slimelight 34th Bday. NACHTMAHR, Reaper, Black Light Ascension + My Hysteria

What an incredible night this was, not only was the venue packed out for Reaper and Nachtmahr but the crowds didn't stop pilling in for Slimelight long into the night and it was truly wonderful to see so many people heading the call in their hearts to return back home to the UK's cradle of Goth. The new lighting and lasers on the top floor was incredible and the use of multi coloured strobe lighting during DJ sets, was nothing short of heavenly.

In truth I had not expected to review (So this will be short!) or do any Elektro Vox related content for this as I simply wished to enjoy the night and introduce a friend to the beauty that is Slimes for their first time. That soon changed however as I was offered an interview opportunity with NACHTMAHR and to finally ask once and for all on camera, THAT question that we have all wanted clarifying.. Which you can watch below.

If you wish to use any of the photography please contact us and we will put you in touch with the photographer.

(A huge thank you to him for supplying the images for this review!)


My Hysteria

Sadly I was unable to catch this band due to huge amounts of London traffic and therefore I missed out upon the rather snazzy dressed Alessio taking the stage again. I heard many good things however and if their performance at Static Darkness was anything to go by, I'm sure they did the venue proud!

Black Light Ascension

A replacement for Splatter Disco and one that a lot of people were very happy to see now added to the line up, the cameraman especially! I felt the opening was a bit slow but half way in to the set, my friends and I were very much vibing away and really enjoying the dark electronics and darkwave-ing guitar rhythms. A really wonderful band to mellow out to but containing enough energy and electric spice to keep you wide awake and thoroughly happy so much so that we had to thank them for their great set when we bumped into them at the smoking area.



I've seen Reaper a few times now and each time is absolute magic. This was one of the defining artists that made me fall in love with Industrial and the reason I ended up spending so much time at slimes and later creating Elektro Vox.

This was one of those sets where the spirit of rave possessed my body and the cathartic flood of endorphins in the brain was like an intense drug trip of euphoria that I have so, so desperately needed. It's amazing what good music and a strong beat can do to a sober brain!

I've rarely seen a crowd so energetic and pumped at every single track an artists plays. Reaper is for sure one of the Gods of electronic rave. Viva la Reaper!