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Live review: Rome Burns and Stella Wembley - The Fox and Newt 3/7/21

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

At last, we are starting to see more live music! Covid has created a struggling music and hospitality (and music journalism) industry. Support is critically important right now, please consider supporting all involved wherever you can.

The Fox and Newt in Leeds is a venue I was unfamiliar with. It has developed a dedicated live music venue on the top floor. It’s a relatively small room, on two levels and is excellent for intimate live shows. I was looking forward to this gig, I have never seen Rome Burns play live, although I have followed their music from the mid-1990’s. Stella Wembley organised and promoted this gig and I

recently saw her play live at West Coast Gothic Blackpool mini-festival – I loved that performance and was equally excited to see her play again. As per the Covid regulations at the time this was a

limited capacity seated only gig.



Stella Wembley

The crowd had settled and was ready for some live music when Stella Wembley arrived on stage. Dressed in all red – she is mesmerising to watch on stage. The gig is being video’d tonight and Stella has chosen her lighting herself – to match the mood of her music. She is not relying on the venues lighting at all. A simple lighting set up that at times had me cursing as a photographer, but with the candlelit tables in the crowd worked very well providing a characterful live atmosphere. It’s not often artists have this attention to detail – good stuff. Stella plays both keys and guitar as well as being an amazing live singer. She has a very appealing accent whilst singing – not instantly recognisable as Italian. An incredibly strong voice throughout, full of emotion and range – I could listen to her sing all night. I loved her style with the guitar, something just that little different from the norm in the scene. Some great song writing in all her songs, melody driven with great memorable hooks – the set showcased her work so very well. Even a slight technical hitch with gremlins in the system did not fluster her, for certain she is a natural performer. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Stella Wembley is very special and you really must catch her play live, or get a copy of her CD’s – a rising star on the scene.


Rome Burns

Rome Burns arrived shortly afterwards, it appeared a strict timetable to be adhered to. Rome Burns are a three-piece post-punk gothic guitar driven band that arrived on the scene over two decades

ago. As much as I have waded through my old memory cells I can’t recall seeing them play live, although I have followed their music over the years. Lead singer Simon Satori as ever looked the part

with a red tailed jacket, and was joined by David Jael and Nevla on guitars. They blast through a great set list of songs, mixing together nostalgia with their latest new album ‘All Monsters to Angels’ – I was so pleased to hear the new songs played live. I’m guessing as the album release was swamped under due to Covid it was great for the band to give the new tracks an airing at last. I’m

pleased to say that the new material fits in seamlessly with the old, and it’s clear to me this is a band that are at ease with themselves and the world. Simon is full of energy and is a great natural performer, he entertains as he sings – he has an overall appealing and unique character all round. The two guitar players are very able indeed and completed the all round package of a quality band that were an outstanding way to spend an evening.



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