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Mini Single Review: Kuro - Wake Up And Choose Violence

Kuro is back with a vengeance. Known for their poignant and aggressive messages born of a strong sense of justice, and in this country's case.. Injustice.

The theme here is protest, the subject of that protest? Everything that is wrong right now. From the attacks on Trans rights, the shit show that was/is Brexit, the lack of equality, sex work prejudice, religious corruption, the degradation of human rights, capitalism, and much more; All the things that genuinely affect people's lives and make it harder to just exist - let alone safely and peacefully. You can find the music video in the review section below.

'Use it or lose it.'
'We fought for the right so we might as well use it!'

Kuro explains the track below..



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Who doesn't love a smackdown of drums and guitar? The track starts off nice and heavy, and weaves in and out of nu-metal, punk, rap, and a touch of the hardcore, and even the electronic; Culminating in a peak angst breakdown of just why the hell the community is angry.

Speaking of breakdowns, the one at 2:19 is particularly tasty and needs playing loud!

When Nu-metal was all the rage, I suppose many of us didn't truly understand the anger in the songs we heard, Kuro brings back that nostalgic feel of great Nu-Metal angst but for a new generation and now all of us, across different generations know damn well why we are angry and who we are angry at!

It's a strong evolution and gives me strong hope for the future.

Seeing and hearing a crowd shouting along to 'Wake Up And Choose Violence' at 3:16 would be fantastic but I hope they stretch it out far longer than it lasts to get a full power of affect and enjoyment as well as spicing the crowd up to new heights.

A from the heart display of passion and intent. Kuro aren't pulling punches and it's great to see messages of empowerment and support are stronger than ever in these turbulent times.

Thank you


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