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Mix Review: DJ DeadDancer - Reality Heist

Welcome to something new and a real treat for the ears, DJ DeadDancer has mixed up an energetic but easy to listen to collection containing some of the most current and influential artists on the electronic scene and with some very impressive art work too as you can see!

This is the first time that I've covered a mix compilation and as such this won't be an in depth review as usual. It's also the first time I've covered Drum and Bass even if it is somewhat industrial themed, so it's definitely not my reviewing area of 'expertise.

DJ DeadDancer, or DD for short not only DJ's some great tunes but has a bi-weekly twitch stream (Which I sometime join) and impressive graphic design service as you can read from his Bio below.


Hello there! My name is Jack, aka DD, aka DeadDancer! I'm a DJ, Graphic Designer and Gamer! I also talk about polyamory, relationships and dating.

I mainly play Roguelites like Hades and Dead Cells, then sometimes dabble in Soulslikes and RPGS. I am always open to new suggestions for games to play and if you have a recommendation let me know in the chat! We also play community games on and off stream, if you see us playing, feel free to hop in!

(Link tree for DJ DeadDancer can be found at the end of the article!)


The great thing about this mix is it gracefully dances in and out of artists both recognisable and new to me. Starting off with the ever fantastical Scandroid who we should all know and love by now - sets the melodic cyberpunk mood nicely, still retaining that great energetic spark that DNB exudes. The mix keeps the energy high yet retains a nice sense of comfort even against the intensity.

It's one of those mixes that's adaptable for workouts, parties, studying, or background noise whilst you do practically anything. Throwing in Eurhythmics that then transforms in to the voice of Keith from Mechanical Vein was a very nice touch that made my industrial mind quite happy indeed.

Throughout, the mix rises and crashes in intensity and speed. Some of the different vocals of the artists are beautiful indeed, whilst a couple of others.. not so much for me personally, but you can't possibly like every artist can you?

None the less, DJ DeadDancer has masterfully picked some great tunes and vocals to make a well rounded and magnificent piece anyone can enjoy.