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Review: GRENDEL, Biomechanimal, Matt Hart, Die Kur, and Cosmic.

On the 27/4/19 GRENDEL, Biomechanimal, Matt Hart and Die Kur played at Slimelight Elektrowerkz, the longest running and most loved goth club in the UK. Followed straight away by Cosmic fest with multiple DJ's playing throughout the night.

Matt Hart always puts on a visceral performance that is slowly but steadily growing the fan base he well deserves. It is a heavy, gritty, and powerful performance to see which resonates well in the chest of many fans in regards to different industrial genres. Part of the show is the aesthetic with the post apocalyptic look of both Matt and his Guitarist Jerome, the skull stand, and the glowing red of the microphones cable and the stage lighting. This sound and set is power and a true love for all things industrial personified in to the incredible sound Matt has made for himself. Having played in Concrete Lung previously, Matt is no stranger to the stage and the skills required to make his music sound great. The band did a fantastic job of opening the night and is one I suggest you all see in future.

An interview with Matt and Jerome after their performance can be found here.

'Harnessing the Sun'

On the DJ decks between bands was the wonderful DJ Kark, who is the founder of Beat:Cancer charity and festivals, and DJ PEEWEE who is one half of Cosmic. Cosmic being the trance, dance, and hardstyle festival nights including the one starting straight after GRENDEL finished playing.

They dropped hit after hit, keeping the energy high and the mood ecstatic. A big thank you to them for doing such a great and often underappreciated job.

Both of them together being known as DJ Karkasaurus who brought a wonderful feel to Cosmic dressed in dinosaur onesies as some of the crowd dance with or even wore inflatable T-Rex’s.

DIE KUR were up second and although I was busy most of their set interviewing other bands, from what I saw, I was thoroughly impressed. They incorporate multiple instruments in to their music including a violin and sounded at home in the halls of Slimelight with their industrial metal style and feel.

A great addition to the line up and I hope to see more of them in future.

Biomechanimal.. What can I say?

I first saw Biomechanimal support Aesthetic Perfection several years ago and was blown away by the track Granfaloon in which a conversation between Abathur and Kerrigan in the game Starcraft 2 is sampled and in this, their best set yet, the message of this particular sample is perfect.

Credit to Blizzard games