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Review+Interview: PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - Redeclaration Of War

PreEmptive strike 0.1 return with a concept release that could also be considered a 'best of' offering. This is a great release of aggressive energy and vibrant synthetics showcasing an incredible time frame for industrial. These tracks are previous songs revamped or since unreleased and are worthy of another listen without a doubt.


For the first time a PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 release in cassette format which includes new unreleased versions of songs written during the period 2006-2015 and initially released by Infacted Recordings plus a brand new track. The band has chosen 5 of its biggest hits which always play in their live set plus a new unreleased track that was found in the archives of Yiannis Dseq. With absolute respect to the original versions, Jim the Blaster recorded new vocals and Yiannis Dseq added additional synths. All tracks have been reproduced by Yiannis Dseq!

THE BASE WAS OVERRUN: A new track that Yiannis Dseq wrote in 2014 but never found the way for Epos V as the style was totally different. Hellish dark with a slow unconventional rhythm and old school dark electro references is the ideal way to open this release.

LETHAL DEFENCE SYSTEMS: It was a song that due to its success, "everything started" for PES01 and the doors to the electro industrial scene opened for them! Based on a version that appeared in their DEMO 2005 but never found the way to our debut.

PREEMPTIVE STRIKE: This song was initially appeared to "EXTINCTION REPROGRAMMED" cd in 2008, and is still today one of the highlights in their live performances. A real trademark song for the band!