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Ruinizer news and the new Elektro Vox theme track.

It is bittersweet that Elektro Vox was lucky enough to have Jay Ruin create a custom track for all future E.V video intros and background music. Sweet in that it was under his artist name of Ruinizer, being one of the most recognizable names in industrial music and bitter that he has chosen to lay Ruinizer to rest and carry on with his other projects including 'Jay Android', 'CeDigest', and most recently 'Studio Ruin.'

Here is the new E.V track and possibly the last Ruinizer track.

You can hire Jay right now over at Studio Ruin here, where he is available to make custom music and work on remixes, production, educational workshops and the like for both artist and businesses alike. Needless to say he has worked with some of the most famous artists in industrial music and is exceptionally talented.

Tomorrow (Sep 13th 2019) also marks the release of 'From Exhumation to Decimation a 3cd album collection of his music and 12 tracks never previously available on CD, including 2 unreleased tracks! Strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies worldwide. This is also his half of the summer of swaggrotech collection which is mirrored by a 3cd release from Seraphim System. Link to the DWA website to purchase is here.

Finally there is a new Patreon for his music and artistry to be found here.

Including: ARMY OF RUIN

$5 or more per monthAccess to a folder packed with music. Access to any song media posted on Patreon. A shout out in his live stream 10% discount on all production work through Studio Ruin Thank you!

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