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Single review: Aesthetic Perfection - S E X

I've been a fan of Aesthetic perfection for quite a few years now, I can't remember exactly when but I think around the time of the release of 'A violent Emotion' in 2008.

I had a mix CD a friend had given me with no idea who half the artists on it were but now I know that one of those songs was 'Coward' from the first A.P album 'Close to Human' and when I put two and two together (Eventually) it was the foundation being laid for my later love of all things industrial.

It wasn't until a few years later when I discovered Combichrist that I really began to leave metal behind for this scene and A.P probably helped that transition a lot more than I realised looking back. It was a real honour for A.P to be my first real text and then first real video interview too, small world!

Why do I mention all this? Well the scene we find ourselves in is a strange one. Half the fans of industrial wish for the golden days of the early 2000's to come back with the hellektro and aggrotech style vocals and fast BPM. Whilst the other half bemoan such days and well.. pretty much anything that gets released by anyone actually; Always claiming some undiscoverable (to the rest of us) maturity in their music that apparently makes them feel superior, but rather creates unnecessary gate keeping and frankly.. they're full of bullshit.

Serious, what do those people even listen to happily anyway??

Recently Daniel has been poking fun at people on social media constantly telling him to make more music like 'A violent emotion', with this release soon after that he says..

"Me: Hrm, this new song resurrects the vocal style from A Violent Emotion, I wonder if it will appease old fans... Old fans: We still hate you."

I can't see why because this release brings together that gorgeous blend of old school A.P with the incredible boundary defying skill put in to the 'Into the black album' and I for one love it and can't see the reason why people need to be so toxic.

Not only is the title song a great release but this also comes with a remix by none other than the rising star of Moris Blak!


Words from Daniel Graves:

"I am beyond excited to announce my new single “S E X” which drops worldwide on January 8th, 2021. Featuring guitars by Sebastian Svalland (Pain, IN MOURNING & formerly Lindemann) this new song continues in the industrial metal tradition of tracks like Rhythm + Control while expanding on my ever broadening vocal and production horizons. This is the first installment of my 12 singles in 12 months project that is being fully funded by my Patreon supporters. Each single is unlocked every time our community gains 10 new members, and, hopefully, will result in a full-length album at the end of the year. Also included is a blistering club remix by MORIS BLAK! To join our community, help unlock future singles and ensure another Aesthetic Perfection LP, visit Another great way to support independent artists is to presave and preorder releases before they drop."