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Single review: cEvin kEy with IAMX - Anger is an Acid

With this single Elektro Vox brings you the first of a series of several 'Guest' review articles trying their hand at their first reviews for our site to help us with the large volume of requests we have had this month! This review is written by 'Death Awaytz'. As a huge fan of IAMX it is interesting to see another person's perspective who was not familiar with Chris' work at all - Canis E.V



Angers is an Acid (with IAMX) is the first song from the upcoming album Resonance from cEvin Key, out on February 19th and available on Spotify, Youtube, Itunes and Bandcamp.

The start of the track is quite chaotic, a bit messy and sounds like a melancholic storm is about to break up above.

This continuous storm beat carries on for the whole song, it's like a scourge that will develop as more instruments enter into the melody, creating a very nice mix of harmonies. The tempo is really slow and the vibes it gives to the whole song is quite melodramatic.

From the very first verse the reverb given, is quite 'resonating' to play upon the title of the album. The various added chords; that, fade in and out, give the song a climax that explodes into the second verse and the piano gives a nice orchestral touch while the succession of the various instruments reaches out at the end of the song.

The soul singing (Chris of IAMX - E.V) seems very much in pain throughout the whole track, like he is tormented by something irreparable and keeps wandering around for answers in an endless nightmare; Pursuing some sort of light in the anguish his soul seems to be trapped in.

There's lot of work behind this single but you'll need the right time to listen to it and appreciate it in the way it deserves. It definitely is not the kind of music you'd play just anywhere, but I'd say you need to be open to the dark and gloomy vibes of this tune to feel most at home listening to it.

Overall the song is well structured with many elements; It could definitely sound a bit out of place by itself and might seem a little hard to get in to on the first listen but it eventually gets very catchy by the time it's been played more than twice. For sure it's a track that will grow on you the more tries you allow it.

Personally it's not an every day listen, hence why I'd most likely give it a overall score of 7.3; The song isn't quite my cup of tea but it is pretty interesting and I would recommend giving it a go whether you are a fan or not.

After giving the track several listens these are my thoughts about it and below you can see how it scored in my opinion.


Technicality: 7/10

Soul factor: 7.5/10

Energy : 7/10

Vocals : 7 / 10

Re-playability: 8/10

Overall score: 7.3 / 10


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