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Single Review: Metamorph - Dream Curve

Something a little different this time, delve into the world of nature and witchery with the single 'Dream Curve'. The concept is really interesting and shines some hope on the difficult world we find ourselves in as you can read in the bio below..


“With her dramatic soprano voice, enchanting stage presence, and marvellous flute solo, Margot Day’s music with Metamorph is an illuminating force...her new single with Metamorph inspires us to imagine a better future”. –

Our lives are on a new dream curve. We are all going through the darkness of grief. Bravely we traverse today's shifting cataclysm. Would you use this portal of change to dream a brighter future for yourself and our planet? We are the dream weavers, and we are interwoven. Together we embrace the unknown on our new dream curve.

"Inspired by nature I am writing and recording alone in the jungle. I send the songs into the ether via the web to Producer Erik Gustafson (of Adoration Destroyed). He is brilliant. Erik seems to internalize and live and dream these songs too. Songs that are interlaced with magic, with vibes that are both dark and heavy as well as dreamy and hopeful. I deeply appreciate Erik’s immersion while producing the Kiss of the Witch EP and I’m thrilled to share and drop this new Metamorph song collection later in 2022."- Margot Day