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Single Review: Metamorph - Dream Curve

Something a little different this time, delve into the world of nature and witchery with the single 'Dream Curve'. The concept is really interesting and shines some hope on the difficult world we find ourselves in as you can read in the bio below..


“With her dramatic soprano voice, enchanting stage presence, and marvellous flute solo, Margot Day’s music with Metamorph is an illuminating force...her new single with Metamorph inspires us to imagine a better future”. –

Our lives are on a new dream curve. We are all going through the darkness of grief. Bravely we traverse today's shifting cataclysm. Would you use this portal of change to dream a brighter future for yourself and our planet? We are the dream weavers, and we are interwoven. Together we embrace the unknown on our new dream curve.

"Inspired by nature I am writing and recording alone in the jungle. I send the songs into the ether via the web to Producer Erik Gustafson (of Adoration Destroyed). He is brilliant. Erik seems to internalize and live and dream these songs too. Songs that are interlaced with magic, with vibes that are both dark and heavy as well as dreamy and hopeful. I deeply appreciate Erik’s immersion while producing the Kiss of the Witch EP and I’m thrilled to share and drop this new Metamorph song collection later in 2022."- Margot Day

Margot Day was an integral part of the 80’s NYC underground music scene while fronting the legendary Goth band “The Plague”. (Naraka album 1987).

Witchy Goth Rock band Metamorph began in 2016. A pulse driven entry into other dimensions of song and dance, a vortex of melody and throbbing rhythms capable of awakening human potential. Songstress Margot Day's multi-range vocals and mastery of the flute entwine with multi-instrumentalist Kurtis Knight casting a spell of love in their Metamorph releases “Sigils & Spirals” 2020, “Ether” 2017, and “The 4 Elements” 2017. With well over 100,000 views on the Metamorph YouTube channel – featuring the music videos “Daisy Logic" and the prophetic “Spelldance” music video from the Sigils & Spirals EP 2020 and Love in the Wreckage.

Metamorph tuning is A=432hz - natures frequency. Live concerts and festivals with Metamorph duo Day & Knight (and their tiny mascot Melody) in Costa Rica, Guatamala and the East and West Coast of the USA. The Metamorph Band concerts in 2019-2020 on the East coast in Salem MA, Boston, NYC, Montreal, Vermont and PA with Margot Day, Kurtis Knight and Drummer Joe Netzel, Anomaly on Bass, and dancers Rivqah Cas and Kitten.. Duo Margot Day and & Kurtis Knight are also known for their album “Sacred!” 1999, and “Moss Circle” 2010.

Margot Day a native New Yorker who has escaped temporarily to the jungle in 2020 is conjuring a new collection of Metamorph songs for the “Kiss of the Witch EP” to be released in 2022. First single “Love in the Wreckage” launched Valentines 2022 - on all platforms. LITW transforms the worlds chaos into love. View the “Love in the Wreckage” Lyric Video. The second single Dream Curve dropped on Beltane May 1, 2022 on all platforms. Produced by Cleopatra recording artist Erik Gustafson of Adoration Destroyed.

Metamorph is “music for morphing”. Inviting the listener to welcome change and “become the wave, the witch, the butterfly, the pirate, the phoenix…”



(No bandcamp player available)

I think it is an easy thing to relate to the message of this track. There are countless numbers of us desperately dreaming of a better world, one that should have been, and one that still could be if things change soon, but drastically.

The artistry of the video is rather unique and enjoyable. The emotion of the vocals is highlighted well by the 80's style darkwave keyboard that eludes to a realm of unknown and that's always a little spooky right? Besides, what is Gothic, if not a little spooky and fantastical?

Margot pulls off some impressive vocal ranges and high notes throughout which brings a nice variation to the smooth and steady formulae of track. It very relaxing and comforting in style which helps to aid towards the concept of the song overall I think.

The single feels like a cinematic piece suitable for either a fantasy or sci-fi thriller, such is the duality of the world we currently find ourselves in of the old struggling with the new and all the space in between.

It is definitely a song that grows on you, once you have grasped the concept and listened a few times, it becomes more and more enjoyable. The rhythm and instrument loops really do relax and engulf you in to the music like a warm blanket.

A very interesting an different piece but one I have enjoyed.

Available on Bandcamp for just $1 HERE



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