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Single review: Muta-scuM - Lying Idol

Muta-Scum release 'Lying Idol' which connects with the listener in several different ways in a unique take on electronic music that never fails to genuinely intrigue.


'Lying Idol' has an incredible use of voice samples from the monologue of Al Pacino's character John Milton from The Devil's Advocate. They punctuate the beat, the breaks, and the drops to compliment the track throughout. The electronic synths are relaxing even in their poignancy of the heavy message being played out. Even the more modular break beat tones and high pitches don't take away from the relaxing nature.

In a way this could also be a metaphor for the title of the track itself of a false idol lulling you in to false sense of security. In fact, I added this one to my main personal playlist the first time I heard it before it had even finished playing! So needless to say, I really quite like this track. There is also a longer and shorter version included!

"Who's got his eye on the planet? As the air thickens, the water sours, even the bees honey takes on the metallic taste of radioactivity.. and it just keeps coming."

'Another restless night' feels like a chaotic twist on the sounds of mobile phone ringtones, indeed like a bad dream and that dreaded morning alarm tone after a long, sleepless night. The slow and subtle bass also reminds me a little of the track 'Bad guy' by Billie Eilish and near the half way point there are some impressive retro feel keyboard notes.

Then we have '3 people in 33 years' which reminds me of cute yet dark indie platform games. It's quaint and atmospheric with its much lighter feel in contrast to the title track. I found myself staring off in to space almost every time I listened to this track and that's a good thing. When a track can settle your mind and let you drift off then the music is doing what it should do, bringing enjoyment and reflection.


The title track of 'Lying Idol' is a rather hopeful sign of what Muta-scuM may continue to put out in future and a nice follow on from the previous release of 'bad Friday'. Review: HERE The other two tracks are a nice accompaniment but pale in comparison to 'Lying Idol'. I would absolutely love to hear more samples and story telling driven in to future singles in a similar fashion; especially if Muta-scuM continue with the religious theme of music. This release is 'pay what you want' which is a nice touch.

'Lying Idol' takes you on a trip inside your own head as it forces you to evaluate the world around you in its slow decay and then mellows you out to re-evaluate your own place within our current construct.



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