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Single review: Muta-scuM - Bad Friday

Muta-scuM describes himself as.. 'Noise, breaks, the occasional melody and something that sounds a bit like tinnitus' as well as 'Industrial Break-Beat' which is an interesting adaptation of experimenting with the raw tools and essence of what industrial music comes down to.. The harsh and unrefined, being hammered in to something complex and workable. With this two track single released earlier this month it's almost like listening to a blacksmith hammering out his latest inventions.


Adam's music has a Christian theme which is something quite unknown in the industrial world and with this release we have the tracks 'Bad Friday' and 'Magnificat v2'. The former being a possible play on Good Friday, and the later referring to the hymn to Mary 'Magnificat'.

Although it may be rare, it works surprisingly well. Have you ever played an epic game battle with Choral Hymn music that has a metal or alternative edge to it? I remember most of the Ace Combat series of games having epic Hymn music during the final battles and often wish they had just that slight edge to them to add to the effect. Well in 'Magnificat v2' this is exactly what we have with its heavy and raw drum beats breaking it apart and reforging it with that 'break-beat' as mentioned before. It really is quite enjoyable and I can imagine cyberpunk Knights Templar preparing for a fight with the kind of vibe the music gives off.

'Bad Friday' mixes elements of the old school in to an amalgamation that reminds me of Velvet Acid Christ fighting with Nero's day at Disneyland for supremacy with it's dark ambience but somewhat upbeat and at odds synths thrown in.

Overall, a refreshingly different sub genre to grace my inbox that creates a lot of ambience in such a small package. Quite impressive!



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