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SYD.31 release 'Walk amongst rebels' on the 24th of June 2019.

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The last punks on Earth, here to rip you a new ear canal.

It's not been long since we spoke to Dr. Magic of SYD.31 about the upcoming album alongside our early review which can be found here

Following their explosive single Bulldoze Everything (Video below), a genre-mashing, politically driven electropunk masterpiece, Manchester based SYD.31 are back with the new album ‘Walk Amongst Rebels.’

‘The perfect the end of the emotively wrought masterpiece’

//  A&R Factory

‘And just like that I was blown away...this album is a call to wake up NOW!’

//  Elektrovox

‘If this album was a punch, It would break your jaw, then ask for a thank you!’

//  Flick of the Finger Magazine

‘This album is nothing short of a masterpiece ... glorious... jaw-dropping’

// Epitome of Epic

Would you mess with Kara Wolf? A drummer so dedicated that she passes out live on stage from playing too hard!

Combining raw punk vocals, boot-stomping industrial noise, aggressively downtuned guitars, filthy electro beats and tribal rhythms, Walk Amongst Rebels arrives with serious attitude and packs a punch!

"I think I’ve created the nastiest guitar riff since rock 'n roll began."  Dr Magic on Bulldoze Everything

The latest offering and lead single for the Album is the vastly different and unique Angel.41 which is an incredibly emotional piece that gives the perfect mid album rest to the chaos pent up within the rest of it.

Syd 31 frontman, Dr Magic on the track ‘Angel 41’... Nothing hurts like losing the love of your life, its the end of your entire world. Sitting with my mum through the night when my dad passed was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. It's the most haunting song I’ve written and it's dedicated to her’.

‘Angel 41’ is taken from their upcoming album,‘Walk Amongst Rebels’, which is out 24th June. Recorded at Oscillate Recording, Manchester, it features10 new tracks from Dr Magic. The self released and funded record will be his first biographical release to date:

‘Its a whole load of songs based when life goes wrong, you feel you can’t pull through. Its true tales of suicide, depression, break-ups, divorce and loss. Yeah, I cry in takes, I scream and I get fucking angry. But this is raw, honest and I won’t apologise for letting it all out. I’m not sorry for losing control on this album.’

Be sure to catch one of their up coming shows this year!

Syd.31 is a project formed by Dr Magic in 2012 and armed with the ability to make strangers dance, SYD.31s live shows can only be described as ‘utter f**king carnage ’.

Syd.31 has previously released two EPs and a debut album and this is the first self-release album after buying out the former label contract, such is their confidence in what they do.

Syd.31 are:

Dr Magic: Lead Vox/Guitar, production, programming, arrangements and song writing

Kara Wolf: Live drums, additional vocals and snarls Harry Shavo: Live guitar and sneers

"I guess in the West, we can safely fetishise collapse like this as something cool, but for many its not." -Dr, Magic in our interview/review also on Elektro Vox

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