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Album Review: MATT HART- Tales of Terra & Chaos Retold

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Terra 3808 and the Chaos Rising saga brought us one hell of an apocalyptic setting; Man vs Machine in the ultimate grim dark meat grinder of nightmares to come. MATT expended a fury of ammunition with the heavy calibre of those tracks.

Now with remixes on this compilation by some of the most incredible artists on the scene, this album is like carrying around the nuclear 'football' - only in CD form.


MATT HART – industrialist, dark alternative, electronic artist – with his eagerly anticipated remix album Tales of Terra & Chaos Retold brings listeners back to familiar and sought-after tracks with remix twists.

21/06/2021 – Matt Hart’s Tales of Terra & Chaos Retold is the definitive collection of remix tracks (on physical CD) from prominent scene artists, with many of the already digitally released remixes receiving online play from DJs around the world throughout 2020-2021. This CD offers follow-up from Terra 3808 album (2019), Chaos Rising Trilogy EPs (2018 – 2017) and Judge & Punish EP (2017) and extracts selected tracks from these seminal back-catalogue offerings, along with other previous digital only releases and NEW unreleased remixes too. Part sci-fi/post-apocalyptic, part commentary on the current state of the world during a pandemic, this remix album delivers punchy, tension building fever and some thunderous beats; current fans will be enthralled with the sounds and it undoubtedly will attract new fans too. Who, can then discover a back catalogue steeped in creating a journey for the listener through the wastelands of existence.

For fans of: Moaan Exis, ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse, Antibody, spankthenun, Simon Carter, Witch of the Vale, NitroNoise, Xavier Swafford (3TEETH), MXD_BLD, Metalogue.

The sub-culture roots of MATT HART’s signature sound of industrial metal forged with electronic driving beats makes this remix album, pounding and relentless in energy, but also takes on layers of complex instrumentation – which will have you excited to get on a dance floor and hear more from this artist.

Few remix albums have been met with such worldwide vigorous DJ play and building on this momentum, Matt Hart will be releasing a full-length album of all new material by the end of the year 2021.


MOAAN EXIS don't holdback after the very short time they allow for a build up with 'TERRORFYING'. Even amongst the slapping beats and rivet head stomps, a sense of hope and joy exudes from the track.

Witch of the Vale slam the brakes and steer in a very different direction with their version, to a slow yet unstoppable pace much akin to the old school boss battle of retro games. Trust this band to make everything they touch sound magical with their twist of fantasy poured over the electronic.

ESA hot on the heals with his remix of 'TRIOLOITH' makes my jaw feel like it's a kid in a cyber candy store. This is already shaping up to be the soundtrack we SHOULD HAVE HAD for Cyberpunk 2077. It's edgy yet vibrant, thumping and serotonin filled, perfect for a night time drag race.

There are some wildly different takes in this album. From the rather subtle ANTIBODY remix of Outlaws to the aggressively tuned NITRONOISE remix of 'Chaos Rising'. There will be at least one track in this album that a listener will love, personally I love a good three tracks and found the rest suitably satisfying and enjoyable even if not to my particular taste.



A remarkable compilation filled with an arsenal of talent few artists would be able to command and call upon. MATT HART has taken the strong foundation of his previous works and cemented those foundations in to a nuclear proof bunker of aural destruction. I can't wait for the next album to drop..


Technicality: 7.5 /10

Dance factor: 8.5 /10

Energy: 8 /10

Vocals/Samples: 6 /10

Re-play value: 7 /10

Overall score: 7.4 / 10


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