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Elektro Vox presents: The Best of 2023

Updated: Jan 19

A little overdue but here I present to you the awards for 2023! I haven't had the chance to be half as involved in the scene as I usually am during 2023 so my knowledge of the yearly musical delights is a little lacking and I'm sure those of you reading will have other artists in mind for your own opinions of who you'd give said awards to but never mind!

This is all for fun and to show some love and credit where love and credit is most certainly due.

Lets begin!

Dedication Awards


No matter where I went, who I was there to see, MATT HART was ever present as was his wonderful partner. Whether DJing, Performing, providing guest vocals for bands like Antibody, Teknovore, and a few others; MATT was always there selling his merch, handing out ever more impressive flyers, and solidifying his social network all whilst working around his main job. I am bloody impressed by this man and you should all be too!

Vicious Precious (Pretty Addicted)

If there's one person I'm even more impressed by, there can only be one that comes to mind and that is Vicious.

Vish works her ass off in her main job, but she and partner Chris (On drums) have been up and down the country all year performing not one but TWO tours practically back to back all whilst releasing an album, bulking out some impressive merch, and singing so hard each performance that I would have lost my voice permanently after one song if it were me, I don't know how she sings these tracks hundreds of times and can still talk! Honestly the hardest working legend on the scene, what an absolute star Vish is. <3

Best Artist Awards


Brian is an important and now irreplaceable Legend on the scene. His mashing up of styles, experimentation, collaborations, and boundary smashing performances, releases, and open mind has created huge doorways for people to follow through and keep the scene alive. Not only that but he is always vocal about standing up for what is right in the scene and more importantly, what isn't! Get a deep dose of Brian's mind in our Resistanz interview:


Winning the hearts and minds of everyone they meet or that hears their music, Marie has shot to fame as a well known and cherished member of the scene. Releasing hot as hell tracks like Haine / Guillotine and singing vocals with DADDY BEAR (Matt Finale aka Caustic), as well as joining MORIS BLAK on stage to sing out some killer tracks at Resistanz too, Marie shows no sign of going quietly in to that good night. Returning in 2024 for Resistanz and BEAT:CANCER, I for one cannot wait to have my face and ears grabbed again!

Here's a wonderful hour long interview with the icon themselves:

Standout Artist Awards


I have not been able to stop listening to these guys since Resistanz (quoted below) and I am so excited for their new album dropping on the 9th of February.

'This was apparently only their second ever gig!

I only heard of BLACKBOOK putting together the playlist before the festival and was genuinely looking forward to their sound as I love melodic bands. Every track was sung with perfect vocals, I could make out every single word even in songs I had never heard before and there was something quite magic in the way they sounded so pure but kept their faces hidden. When the song 'I Dance Alone' came on the crowd went absolutely insane with dancing but the one that stood out to me was the last.. 'My Darkest memory'. The reason being was something completely unexpected for me that weekend and the lyrics washed over me with such clarity and acceptance that it helped me process and carry on on with my weekend, so thank you BLACKBOOK for this incredibly wonderful and poignant song that I can't stop listening to!

To top it all off, the crowd chanted 'one more song!' Which I don't think any other band got that weekend!'


These two blew the roof off of Infest and really impressed me with how delightful they were on stage and in person! 'Jewels and Ruth were the stars of the festival for many I think, myself included!

Each track uniquely different from the last, this duo knows how to extract as much energy, excitement, emotion, and expression from every beat, every lyric, and every movement possible in their show.

Jewel's vocals were crystal clear and spouted fire, the beats Ruth put out stole the minds of the audience. These two captivated everyone listening. There were big smiles, groups of dancing friends, and very few people stood still, they had the entire room moving from start to finish, which at Infest, is a hard thing to do.

A stellar performance, a brilliant interview, and a wonderful duo to talk to off stage!'

Review and Interview HERE

Breakthrough Artist Awards


Jan has done incredibly well, propelling himself in to not only two back to back Resistanz performances, but even going on tour with the likes of Nachtmahr now. The rise of Antibody is certainly impressive!

'Wow.. I was beyond impressed. Jan knows exactly what people want and that is to dance like animals. Each track was the modern day evolution of what made industrial dance music good ten years ago - into something super enjoyable and acceptable for everyone now, even the anti 'dance music' elitists. Every single face was smiling ear to ear, ever foot was stomping, every head was banging, and it was incredibly fun.'

"Antibody - Fresh, young blood to the scene that will absolutely blow your fkn mind! Everyone should check him out!"

- Kirsty Thewlis

Dark Machine Nation

An act that is still on everyone's lips and made a huge, huge impression. Having just put out the new 6 track release 'BEYOND EVENT HORIZON' (HERE), I'm looking forward to finding some time to review it!

'Seeing Therion Major play his first ever show outside of the USA was something I was super looking forward to but sadly the way things turned out, I didn't catch any of his performance but I have never heard so much praise for an artist after their set as Dark machine Nation received. Everyone was thoroughly impressed by his weaponised assault of power noise. As he says in our interview below.. "If you hear something in my music that sounds like explosions... It's explosions."'

Dark Machine Nation - gnarly A.F and delivered a visceral and relentless aural assault on my Sunday eardrums. Absolutely captivating.

- Woode Gillyan

Dark Machine Nation, evil, INCREDIBLE...still completely blown away by his set...Branded apocalyptic doom genre...bring on the end of days if he's playing! Going to be a fkn rave!!

- Kirsty Thewlis

Dark Machine Nation - if this is the last time we see him over here there is something horribly wrong in how people book acts, one of the best one man shows I’ve seen. Powerful, energetic, and bringing real presence to a difficult to execute trend of one person performance shows.

-Rhys Hughes

Dark Machine Nation - Searingly brilliant and varied take on noise. Raw, brutal and downright awesome - Hands down one of the best noise performances I've seen in a very long time.

- Simon John Bowers

Hope for the future Award


I've included this award to put a spotlight on people who are doing wonders to keep the future of the scene alive.

Alterum has created a hugely successful event called 'Mums against donk' creating a wonderful safe space for many of the younger alternative and LGBTQIA+ community to rave in peace and be themselves.

Having been to two of these events it really does give me hope for the future of the evolving scene in London.

Review of a night at Donk HERE

Community Awards

DJ Omega and Cinderlox (Jack and Eleanor)

The wonderful duo. These two create brilliant and safe havens for Goths to gather with Jack known for his work as part of the Tyranny Bristol team, and Eleanor for the event KHRONOLOGY. These two pour their hearts in to everything they do to create brilliant events. They always look out for those around them and do their best to be involved wherever they can, so of course the main community award goes to these two for their commitment and dedication to our communities' fun, safety, and sense of humour!


A heavy year for the BEAT:CANCER duo. Their dedication to putting on or playing at shows left, right, and centre in the name of charity and prolonging life is remarkable and inspirational beyond words!

The Slimelight Staff

All the DJs and staff of Slimelight that have kept the night running, cemented its continuing existence, and their dedication to keeping it the pure and beautiful gem that it is does not go unnoticed.

Specifically I would like to dedicate the bulk of this praise and award to Emmerick and Steve for keeping the legacy alive!

Special Mention!

And of course, I have to mention a HUGE thank you to the Infest crew, and to Leighton and the Resistanz crew for once again providing us with incredible festival every year



Please consider donating or fundraising for Beyond Reflections who supply an essential service to so many.

Their support really does save lives!


We also support our good friends at Beat:Cancer, you can click the logo to donate and also keep up to date with their awesome music events on the B:C website!


Best Album Awards


An Honest to the void - masterpiece that pushes the boundaries and genre defining edges of all aspects of our scene and digs in to some deep core emotions.

An album I have tried and failed to review several times over because I haven't been able to put together words I feel good enough to convey how absolutely brilliant this is but I'm sure I'll manage eventually!

3TEETH - EndEx

This is the album that has set 3TEETH far, far apart from the rest. The brutality of sound that lies within marches lockstep with a legion of deep and intelligent lyrical offerings and themes.

A personal favourite is 'Slum Planet' taking direct aim at politicians destroying the world for their own greed.

That's not all though, Lex not only pulls off the anger we have come to expect but the ability to convey complex emotion in the melodic track 'Drift' and their great cover of Tears for Fear's 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World'.

Revolver magazine interviewed Lex about the new album HERE 

Mechanical Vein - The Remixes You Can't Contain

These have been releasing steadily one by one but now the full 30, yes 30! Remixes are now fully available with some HUGE names on there. What an incredible line up of talent this release holds!!

Best EP Awards

J:DEAD - Roots

A brilliant release that has kept me singing 'Harbour' to myself countless times. One of the finest releases of the year, this smooth yet aggressive release has become a regular listen for me and the depth of meaning within suits the title perfectly.


Although this has come out as a full album in the form of '(Final Cut)' I listened to this countless times at the original EP release and wear my 'I AM MALEVOLANT' T-Shirt proudly. Flowing in and out of intensity and a clear showing of an artist with vision far beyond the norm, this made for a beautiful release of 2023

Mari Kattman - Swallow

'An incredibly enjoyable release which is genuinely refreshing and brings a new energy and vibe to alternative electronic music. There is a pinch of everything that makes the scene great here, from the gritty and dark, the poignant and the brave, to the fun and smooth joy of dance.' Review HERE

Best Single Awards

GRABYOURFACE - Haine X Guillotine

'Both tracks are a great mix of all the best pieces of electronic music and angst. It is all so very atmospheric, like the feeling of a lightning storm getting closer and closer. We all stand, breaths held in anticipation of the one bolt of lightning that will strike close enough to home to jolt us - make us realise that the storm is here, and there's no hiding from it now.' Review HERE

GUNSHIP - Doom Dance (Feat. Carpenter Brut & Gavin Rossdale)

Part of the Unicorn album, when this smooth yet high energy dance vibe single came out.. Well.. it's pretty much been a guaranteed listen for me every day since release. It has fantastic male vocals, smooth female backups, and a vibe that feels euphoric!

RED MEAT - Providence

'This two single release is spicy.

Rhys' anger, passion, and love for what he makes is plastered all over this soundscape and it's one that I have heard high praise about all round.' Review HERE

Dan Narkosis - March of the CyberHive

A cheeky 4th addition as I feel Dan requires a spotlight for this track too! 'Gothic Psy-Trance! I just can't get enough of it and Dan has produced something truly special with this track!'

Best Live Show Awards

Heilung - London

'This was my third time bearing witness to the healing ritual of Heilung, they have had the most profound and important effect upon my life. It was touching to see this journey reflected in the eyes of those around me who had come to heal for the very first time. What they witnessed may very well be another defining and pivotal moment in Heilung history.' (Since I wrote those words, they have released the above video of 'Anoana' stating that London's show was a full circle of completion for them in their time together and that it was of utmost importance to them to get that show perfect, I hope they release the rest of the show soon.) Full review and deep dive in to the history and essence of Heilung HERE

Iszoloscope - Resistanz

'The one and only Yann, I had to rush back super fast to catch the last half of his show and dance my ass off next to my friend Laura who was going twice as hard as me! When I found out Iszoloscope were replacing Vuxnut, I was over the moon, nothing personal to Vuxnut but Iszoloscope is one of my all time favourites and I had the chance to see him live snatched away from me once before. Yann plays the heaviest, speaker blowing, bass defining, chemical dropping, soul satisfying dark industrial this side of Hell and I am in no way exaggerating when I saw, that was the most fun I have ever had watching an artist live. He even knocked Memmaker off that top spot for me but then again Yann is/was part of Memmaker so you know.. It's to be expected. This man's genius for the sounds he makes are out of this world. I cannot gush enough at how good that was Yann. Just... THANK YOU!'

Simon Carter and Fabsi - Slimelight

'Packing far more tracks, changes, drops, change ups, tempo flips, and more in to the set.. The whole show from start to finish was one of the best Industrial Techno sets I’ve ever heard.

Giving me the brain tingles and causing me to dance almost non-stop from the start, there are precious few bands who can ever say that they have had that effect on me!'

RED MEAT - Infest

A cheeky 4th edition again and here's why: 'If you like it bloody, Rhys served it RAW.

The Nightrain bar once again vibrated to its core, ear defenders presented a phalanx of shields with every face pointed at the stage in overwhelming satisfaction at the pounding beats assaulting their ears and chest cavities but they stood firm and took the full assault with smiles on their lips.

The savage vocals, and the gratitude clearly being displayed by Rhys as the crowd responded with nothing but love and rave energy to the pulse pounding buffet being served like a brick to the face was truly touching. Aka.. Fucking tasty!'

Best Lyrics Award

Seraphim System - THE CHIRAL

A deep dive in to mental health and a soul laid bear in the powerful and profound lyrics of THE CHIRAL.

Chiral - Asymmetric in such a way that the structure and its mirror image are not superimposable.

Echoing through a flawed design

An unclouded and malevolent presence

Mirroring my own solitude

Downward vortex obsidian blackness

Shapeshifting, undulating

My peace a

Truth concealed beneath bloodied surface

Hidden where demons dwell

It's the dark thoughts

They are hovering over you

It's the dark thoughts

They are hovering over you

It's the dark thoughts

They are hovering over you

It's the dark thoughts

They are hovering over me

Do not give in

Do not see it through

The fear of self

A constant descent

A dance with the devil within

Deeper and deeper, an enigmatic labyrinth

A venomous stillness coiling and whispering

My skin is shifting further

Wilderness before my eyes

Gazing into a broken mirror

I see the face of a stranger

War avoided at the edge of a dagger

It's the dark thoughts

They are hovering over you

It's the dark thoughts

They are hovering over you

It's the dark thoughts

They are hovering over you

It's the dark thoughts

They are hovering over me

I do not fear being alone,

I fear myself as I am left alone

You only gaze upon the surface

With unseen leagues of darkness below

It is my burden to bear

My own confrontation

2024 Most Anticipated Album Award


2024 should be the year we finally get treated to the long anticipated second album from Biomechanimal, having hit us with incredible single after single, the excitement builds for the final release!

I wanted to also go in to awards for best videos and artwork and a few other ideas but I realised I couldn't really do that as well as I would like to have done, but I'll make sure to keep notes throughout 2024!

Thank you for reading!


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