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Single Review: RED MEAT - Providence

You remember that kick ass track in the original Resident Evil film that brawled its way on to screen when the assault team first breached the mansion and again as the laser corridor defence lit up? Well 'Providence' hit me with that same gut churning satisfaction of 'Fuck that's cool!'

I just wrote a short piece on RED MEAT'S performance at Infest which you can read HERE.

This two single release is spicy.

Rhys' anger, passion, and love for what he makes is plastered all over this soundscape and it's one that I have heard high praise about all round. So it's about time I wrote it up myself!



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What a line to start off a track..

'This is my declaration of war!'

In 'Providence' the vocals are distorted in such a way that on a volume level they seem hard to understand, but from the sheer brute force anger they have been sung/shouted at, it's actually surprisingly easy to understand most of it first time round. This adds to the atmosphere, that underlying anger and boiling point so many people are hitting that those in power refuse to acknowledge; The muffled sound of discontent held back by the smallest amount of surface tension, ready to overflow. In this sense, Rhys' declaration call sounds like a war cry that is clearer, and clearer to hear each time.

The brutalist nature of this techno and industrial grit combined throws something new and unique in to the arena. Something not quite one or the other, not quite like the bands some could compare it to like 3TEETH, no, this is a new, evolved beast that has emerged from Rhys being given free reign to explore his talent and his mind.

This is fury on the level Metal never quite reaches, on a level electronic music never accurately represents, but this is the wrath of people given electronic voice; If the industrial crowd were ever the type to mosh, clubs would fear this track being played!

'Remission' is similar in many fashions and sounds like Combichrist 2.0 in a good way of course just a bit less 'mosh' intense.

There isn't just anger in this but a sense of the true struggles of mental health and the will power to overcome every shit thing that comes your way. Lyrically this holds true too..

'I will not bend, I will not break' is roared out like a wounded and severely dangerous animal.

A great quote from snatch paints a great overall theme for this defiance too..

"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible c*nt... me."

If Homo Vulgaris was RED MEAT saying 'HERE I AM' then Providence is the threat of '..AND I'M HERE TO FIGHT'.

If this doesn't excite you for whatever Rhys' mind next concocts and smashes our ear canals with, then the fire inside you needs sparking back to life, listen to this a few more times, get angry, wake up!

Thank you


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