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EP Review: j:dead - Vision Of Time

j:dead is one of the most interesting and ear catching artists on the scene, putting out tracks that feel not only brand spanking-ly fresh but also full of nostalgia for what makes electronic music great in the first place. Let's explore his latest vision..


After the release of their album “A Complicated Genocide” in early 2021, j:dead are back in quick succession with their latest 6 track EP “Vision of time” via Infacted Recordings. The first single from this EP “I’ll wait” was released in Dec 2021 alongside a music video and remixes from Lights of Euphoria and TeknoVore.

Vision of time will be released via Infacted recordings on the 18/02/22 both digitally and physically (with the physical edition featuring an additional 7 remixes from acts such as Rotersand, The Saint Paul, Nature of wires, Life Cried and Station Echo)

The concept around the EP covers a range of situations and perspectives on time being the only thing we cannot change. And time itself can change things for the better, worse or for change's sake. j:dead have kept to their foundation of powerful vocals and strong danceable melodies yet developed their diversity of influencing - further enhancing their position in electronic music.

As Vision of time is released j:dead will already be in the final production stages of their 3rd release, expected late 2022. 2022 will be the year you are never far away from a j:dead release with these two EP’s alongside further collaboration tracks and remixes.