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EP review: XENOBEAT - Dis

There are some signature sounds that Dark Electro bands often use that really satisfy my need for an industrial fix. XENOBEAT is another band that could have called themselves Aggrotech or Hellektro but they have done a great job of making a signature style remain unique to themselves. Listening to the EP was like biting in to a delicious burrito made of all the things I have loved about industrial music from the last twenty years.

Forever the cybergoth at heart!


'Dis' is the third official single by XENOBEAT, taken from the upcoming album titled 'Unrepentant'. Along with the title track, the Dis EP contains a hard hitting remix of 'On The Edge' by the amazing Syd.31 and two remixes of the previous single 'Manipulator' one by Jake 'The Voice' Parr and another by MjN, who is a main staple within XENOBEAT's history for creating top quality remixes. The City of Dis encompasses the sixth through the ninth circles of Hell. Moated by the river Styx, the fortified city encloses the whole of Lower or Nether Hell. Inferno's cleansing has begun.

XENOBEAT are: Andrew 'Aro' Owen (Left) and Thomas Yorkshire (Right)



If a track has futuristic synths, media samples, dance worthy drums, and some distorted vocals.. Well, you're probably gonna see me dancing away like a mad man to it on a dancefloor with shivers coursing up and down my spine. So it is with this 'Dis' EP and I am in dire need of a dancefloor for Hell's sake so this has been a rather fidgety review for me as I bob up and down extremely unhappy that clubs are still closed. So no fair XENOBEAT.. No fair.

How dare you introduce me to your great music at such a time?! For the single to be based on Dante Alighieri's Hell city of Dis in 'The Divine Comedy' is just an extra layer of intrigue for me. A cynical reviewers or dare I say 'Elitist gatekeepers' might say this sound and style has been done to death and brings nothing new to the genre. I would argue that it breathes life back in to the semi-recent era of industrial that caused so many new people to flood in to the music; Back when GRENDEL was pumping out tunes like 'Soilbleed' and MENSCHDEFEKT released their (Still) hidden treasure of 'The Human Parasite' industrial was booming. Bands like ES23, Alien Vampires, and Agonoize were absolutely killing it and it was this very style of music that brought so, so many millennials in to the scene like myself.

XENOBEAT have brought back that diamond era of music (for me at least) that so many bands say they are trying to move away from. My question to them is..

"WHY? What's wrong with you? Bring back the stomp!"

'Dis' is a great single and on top of the two previous single releases of 'On The Edge' and 'Manipulator', the full album release of 'Unrepentant' is sizing up to be one of the albums I am most excited for this year. It is fast, stompy, packed with energy and excitement with all of the golden hallmarks I have already mentioned above. Electro-heads make sure you listen to this ASAP.

The MjN remix of 'Manipulator' adds a lots more samples to the track and makes for a much more intense and enjoyable listen than it already was. Fans of popular dance floor industrial bands may even recognise some of the samples. The Jake parr remix of this turns it in to more of go hard rave after the first minute and a half. It would be a great backing track for something like an industrial scored DOOM game.

Finally the Syd.31 remix of 'On The Edge' is not something I would have expected, but to have a rave industrial track slowed down and liberally sprinkled with guitars works surprisingly well actually! It gives me some strong Ministry or Zak Wilde vibes all set amongst some sort of decaying Wild West. Quite the twist and pretty much makes it more of a new song than a remix.



Manipulator (MjN Remix)

On The Edge (Syd.31 Remix) Manipulator (Resist For Record Sales Remix by Jake 'The Voice' Parr)


It's not very often I experience a sudden love for a band's music within the first thirty seconds of hearing them for the first time. Yet here we are. Sometime I am sent wonderful things to review and I often feel quite guilty that I hadn't already heard their work earlier.

XENOBEAT show some incredible potential to bring back that glorious age of rave Industrial / Dark electro that I can never get enough of.

'Dis' is a corrupted beacon shining out to what seems to be a very dark and heavy ship on the horizon that is going to bring inferno and fury to industrial dancefloors everywhere. Be prepared.


Technicality: 7.5/10

Dance factor: 8.5/10

Energy: 8/10

Vocals: 7/10

Re-playability: 8/10

Overall score: 7.8/10

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