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It's not very often I do a double take with music but with WARM GADGET's 'If only I could' music video, I found myself listening intensely and studying the visuals at least a half dozen times.

This 'Rituals' EP has a brilliant mix of tracks that puts me in mind of a new found NIN or Ministry. Their sound is certainly one I'm glad to have discovered. We spoke to the band about their latest release and their history.


WARM GADGET, the recording trio made up of multi-instrumentalist/ producer Colten Williams, bassist Austin Williams and vocalist/part time instrumentalist Tim Vester has self-released a brand new alternative metal/industrial E.P. entitled Rituals.

The Rituals E.P. showcases five brand new, original songs, as well as remixes by notable electronic artists such as SNOWBEASTS and WITCH EYES. This E.P., which features the band's signature blend of industrial and alternative metal, was released in digital format exclusively to the WARM GADGET Bandcamp page.

For fans of Helmet, Dillinger Escape Plan, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, and Deadsy.

This new release, 'Rituals' is filled with the band's brand of hard-hitting songs, electronic beats, synth melodies, un-melodic synth chaos and hook-laden, crushing guitars. It also showcases the longing, bleak, dismal yet aggressive lyrics and deliveries that the band has perfected. Colten Williams has topped everything off in the studio by producing an album that sounds crisp, heavy, and intense. The Rituals E.P. also marks the band’s return to writing & recording together after a 3-year hiatus, showing that they have violently shaken the dust and cobwebs off and have come out swinging.



Q. For those unfamiliar with your band, how would you describe your music, what your live shows are like, and where the name Warm Gadget came from?

Colten: Musically it’s a meld of heavy industrial-ish beats, synths, heavy vocals, and sludgy guitars. Live shows are always morphing but we try our best to sound as close to the records as possible with clips of horror films we’ve scored over the years playing behind us. As far as the name goes I can’t really remember where it came from. I think I just needed a name for the project and I thought it was fitting.

Tim: Our music is a hot pot of sludge that blends bits of everything we have loved (art, music, cinema..etc.) with a generous serving of exactly who we are.

Q. How has your sound and style as a band changed since your 2014 album "Brides" and what changes would you say you are most proud of?