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Live Review: Bradford University, Bradford, UK - 28th August 2021

Stay-In-Fest (Infest) Live on Stage line-up – Portion Control, Tapewyrm, Witch of the Vale, Zeitgeist Zero, Red Meat, Scene Cover, Byronic Sex & Exile, La Rissa, Bone Cult and Biomechanimal. Virtual livestream line-up – DSTR, Shiv R, IAMX, Cyanotic, Noisome, A Place to Bury Strangers, Empathy Test, Spank the Nun and Nightmare Frequency.

Infest is and always has been more than a music festival. It’s a meeting of converging like-minded souls. By this I don’t mean everybody is Gothic. It’s a highly unusual melting pot where everybody from crew to artist through to crowd is on the same wavelength. The overall feeling of community cannot be matched within any long running UK Goth festival. How does such a festival family meet up during a pandemic? Well to beat lockdowns in 2020 they invented Stay-In-Fest. A livestreamed virtual festival. This year with restrictions lifting, but with an eye on community safety and well-being, a hybrid event was created. Partly live, with bands and a socially distanced crowd for those that are willing to attend such an event – and a livestreamed festival for those still not comfortable venturing into the new Covid world just yet. Simply brilliant.

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If you are into harder metal infused industrial techno you’ll know about Biomechanimal. I’ve seen them before and again they p