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Live review: Karkasaurus tour with iVardensphere and guests. London Camden @ The Black Heart 1/6/22

Karkasaurus are the ultimate party animals who never fail to knock us all off our feet with incredible sets, so to further augment that power with the legendary might of the bands they brought with them to London? it really was fantastic, and if you can catch them at one of the other tour shows, make sure you do!




Wherever Beat:Cancer is, Simon is almost certain to be there too helping out with the stage, spinning a DJ set or bringing us another experimental ambience offering with Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand (Bein-E). This time he had taken to a more industrial-esque choice of music with some great samples thrown in from the likes of Night of the living dead. Not only that but he rounded the set off with some absolutely filthy tracks. In this way he had built up steadily for one hell of a second half to his set and in so doing, the venue felt alive and fired up with the anticipation of more great music.

This was the best music I've heard Simon spin live, and it was really impressively done.

Red Meat

A live set performance that I have been waiting to see for quite a while. Rhys has been killing it with the astonishingly angry, hedonistic, and ear rending beats of the industrial lane he has charged head first in to. The soundcheck had me extremely excited and the performance itself really did deliver. I was on the Merch table most of the night but I had people coming up and buying his shirts throughout his impressive performance - with people commenting how good he was and quite a few of us agreed that he sounded very similar to Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist! He smashed that one right out of the proverbial park.

A video interview with Rhys will be uploaded to YouTube soon!


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