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Recent releases. June 2020

Here we have a handful of albums and singles released recently, all of which deserving of being in your industrial music library.

Seraphim system - PHO3N1X

Full Elektro Vox review HERE "This is a POWERHOUSE of audio combat thumping, spine ripping joy directly out of my soul. If you could extract DMT from someone via sound, these would be the weaponised beats used. It's the perfect blend of industrial and all the best parts of techno that leaves no room for underestimation, no time for rest, no hope for release from the powerful grip this firestorm of a DJ dance mix that is delivered with PHO3N1X, hot on the heels of the recent Obsidian Frontline album."

CYFERDYNE - Breathe Deeper

'Take a deep breath ladies and gentlemen - for the long-awaited first new release announcement from DWA for this year is none other than the first new material from Lancaster's finest CYFERDYNE in 6 years, a first taste of the forthcoming long-awaited 3rd album and an uplifting slice of future pop to help carry you through these troubled times...' - Bandcamp page

Pretty Addicted - Puppet

The latest single from the upcoming album 'Soul for sale'

Biomechanimal - Haksal

Elektro Vox review HERE

"Biomechanimal have until now been known for some hard hitting, heavy tracks that lean a lot more towards the metal side of industrial but with Dubstep hints to keep the dance energy flowing. Here the band present a mid-tempo modular synthetic offering that feels more at home in the shadowy places of synthetic music. Haksal still retains those Dubstep hooks whilst flirting EDM hints, pulling away from their traditional sound; even more so as this track has no vocals for a change."


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A new discovery for myself that I think deserves some coverage. 'Monöchrome is an E.B.M. band from Lima, Peru, composed by Nana Aray in the main voice and Khrome Hitam in voice, synthesizers and programming.

Monöchrome was formed, at first, to experiment with new electronic sounds which results in the sound achieved to date.