Releases on our sensors (February 2021)

We bring you a musical selection from our inbox and elsewhere that has come to our attention! (whether they are freshly released or a few months old now) It can often be overwhelming with the amount of requests we get and how many awesome things we get sent. Some artists that you may expect on this list might have already had a recent full article by us and therefore not be in this section. Here are a selection of releases and suggestions that have slipped through the full article cracks or we haven't quite got round to just yet!

Proximity Alert!

(we love)

This Morn' Omnia - The Roots Of Saraswati (Single)

Agonoize - 666 Degrees Below (EP)

I Ya Toyah - Out Of Order (Single)

Hatari - Neyslutrans Remixed (Album)

Gohma - Mancer (Single)

Pretty Addicted - Dickhead (Single)

Combichrist - Not my enemy (Single)

BlutEngel - Fountain Of Destiny (single)

Nature of Wires ft.Madil Hardi - Through someone else's eyes(Single)

Eggvn - La Era de la Bestia (Single)

Ludovico technique - Embrace (Single)

Kiberspassk - Kikimore (Single)

Massiv In Mensch - Monkey Islands (Single)