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Resistanz 2022 Reviews + Interviews!

Four years of waiting, of hoping, of expectation.. Then Tanz 2020 was finally announced. That elation turned in to shock, pain, and despair when Covid struck. After all that, and only the Gods know how much work it must have taken, Tanz 2022 finally brought us all home..

Tanz has always been the U.K's ultimate pilgrimage for Goths and this time around was almost spiritual in the relief, joy, and nirvana many of us found raving away in the dark. This beloved dark temple of bass, sound, and rhythm once again welcomed dancers and music lovers until they could dance no more and the worship of Gothic music once again ceased. These are the celebrations remembered throughout time, and Tanz 2022 will forever go down in history as a defining moment for the event and for our community as a whole.

Putting together all of the photos and interviews between my day job has meant this review has come out a lot later than I would have liked, and my memory is not as fresh one week on but I will try and do all the acts (That I caught) justice!

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MATT HART has refined his sound in to a really impressive power house of dark harsh electronics and gut grabbing guitar riffs. Matt and Jerome did a fantastic show at Elektro Vox music festival the weekend before but having been busy with running things, I didn't catch half as much as I would have liked; So to see them both tearing a new one in to a very impressive sized crowd as the opening act was a really nice beginning to the glorious house of Tanz.

The two had a great mix of seriousness, genuine joy, crowd acknowledgement, and the sound felt like a seriously upgraded MATT HART 2.0. If you get a chance to see M.H live, do so!