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Resistanz Festival 2024 - All the Info!

Updated: Mar 18

Everything you need to know, want to know, and had no idea about for Resistanz 2024 in one place!

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E.V is back for a third time at Corporation Sheffield to cover the festival in an official capacity as a sponsor for the second time. Of course we will be covering it all in full and in order to get more video interviews available for your viewing pleasure. Once again everyone: Remember to tell Leighton how amazing he is because although he hates compliments, we need to keep reminding him how grateful we are and how special his hard work with Tanz is, and how much it means to us all!

Also much love to the other festivals Elektro Vox works with such as Infest, Zero day, and of course the wonderful legends of Beat:Cancer!

If you don't have a weekend or day ticket for Resistanz yet, click the above banner for tickets!

Get the official soundtrack on CD or digital ^ Ultra-limited black-based CD edition, in full-colour 4-panel ecopak - 100 copies only worldwide!

Includes exclusive bonus tracks not available on general digital release:




What else you can find here:

  1. Set List times

  2. Band + DJ info

  3. Elektro Vox Resistanz 2024 Spotify playlist (Just below this)

  4. Pure love for everyone attending Resistanz 2024!

Nearly 9 hours worth of great tunes!

Set Times

* = Elektro Vox's must see recommendations ** = E.V's Overall must see recommendations

Friday Doors open at 1pm for wristband exchange and merch. On some phones you may need to swipe left for times

Petrol Bastard


Dead Lights


Teknovore *


Mental Exile


Mimi Barks *







Yassi Puls4ra




Karkasaurus **


Saturday Doors open at 2pm On some phones you may need to swipe left for times

Killing Miranda


ES23 *


Choke Chain


Seraphim System * (Stage 2)


Danny Blu *


Future Lied To Us







Exo Cell




Das Ook


Simon Briggs & Crispygoth (Stage 2)


Sunday Doors open at 2pm

On some phones you may need to swipe left for times



Grabyourface *


for all the emptiness


Leevil (Stage 2)


Simon Carter & Fabsi **


Ultra Sunn


Frozen Plasma





Duracell Bunny


Biomechanimal X Mechanical Vein


Blurred Girl & Victoria Fenbane

(Stage 2 Synthpop Sunday)


Next up:

Band info (In order of play)



Please consider donating or fundraising for Beyond Reflections who supply an essential service to so many.

Their support really does save lives!


We also support our good friends at Beat:Cancer, you can click the logo to donate and also keep up to date with their awesome music events on the B:C website!



Petrol Bastard

MUCKY NORTHERN TECHNO-PUNK WITH SEXY DANCING AND SOME PURE BANGERS, MATE… Ridiculous, noisy, and fun as hell, P.B have definitely grown on me since seeing them at Tanz'16 not knowing what to expect. Now I know.. I'm excited.

Dead Lights

Glamgoth? Cyberelectro? Industrial Dance? DEAD LIGHTS presents all of these and more as they mould modern EBM into catchy songs with surgical precision. Bass-heavy, buzzing magnetism with pummeling, yet groovy, mechanical rhythms, delivered with an ’80s UK synth-pop flair and an urgency that is tangible.

Founded in 2020, the international duo (UK and NL) immediately found themselves separated by the sea and a pandemic. Connected through a lust for dark electronic dance music, Saul and Richard still managed to make an impact with their output.

Two years later they were finally able to meet in person and present their songs on stage. After their live premiere at Wave Gotik Treffen in 2022, they toured in Germany and the UK (with Zanias). Early 2023 they supported Front Line Assembly on 10 shows (EU), followed by several festival gigs - Prague Gothic Treffen (CZ), Wavefest Rotterdam (NL), Isle Of Wight Festival (UK), Dark Dance Treffen (DE) - in Europe.

DEAD LIGHTS has just released their new album ‘Glitterspit’ (Digi/CD/2LP) on DarkTunes Music Group (DE).


Elektro Vox's Friday MUST SEE artist recommendation (1 of 2)

Teknovore is the solo project from George Klontzas created in 2020. They first drew attention with the release of their first songs Olethros and Take Me Away which quickly established them as a rising force in the underground electronic scene. Soon they were signed to German label Infacted Recordings for the release of their full-length debut ‘The Theseus Paradox’ in March 2022 to glowing reviews. They are set to release their second album in 2024.

Teknovore’s tracks are marked by their deep basslines, pounding rhythyms, melodic peaks and an unmistakable sense of energy and urgency. They take inspiration from a diverse range of electronic genres - from brooding, mid-tempo EBSM to aggressive dark Techno and Psytrance - while keeping one foot firmly planted in EBM/Industrial to forge something uniquely personal.

Teknovore explores the themes of cosmic indifferentism and the metaphysics of identity through their music.

Teknovore is insanely good, a pure genius of sound and rhythm.

His album 'The Theseus Paradox' is the only release I've ever given a perfect score! HERE

Mental Exile

Mental Exile is the solo-project of Damasius Venys.

His passion for the 80’s, horror and sci-fi movies was the inspiration for the creation of his music world, putting this project directly under the label of Synthwave. A world of human feelings, with a strong input of Nostalgia in combination with the even more expressive voice of Damasius.

Mimi Barks Elektro Vox's Friday MUST SEE artist recommendation

(2 of 2)

If Trap Metal came screaming out of the digital womb, a sonic playa hater wired to disrupt the code of those who came before, then the likes of MIMI BARKS are the future of the glitchy genre. Her “from-the-heart-guts-n-soul” smash of trap beats and raspy, pissed-off vocals has been self-christened: “DOOM TRAP” and the name fits. It’s the bitter pill the former Berliner-now-relocated-to-London intends to smear all over the genre in a way that’s punk-as-fuck and louder-than-hell. This is the sound of music eating its young. Imagine Hip Hop word fire, electronic beats and slashing guitars chewed up and spat out by Trap’s chopped beats, distorted basslines and general weirdness. Like the Borg say – Resistance is futile.

MIMI BARKS is an artist of NOW: baring digital teeth across multiple platforms with a vibrancy that can only come out of these turbulent times.

Barks, who writes and co-produces all her songs, channels hate and anger in her songs, merging screaming and rap skills that create a powerful hybrid of calm yet aggressive music.

Expect a fiery mash-up of metal, hip-hop, industrial, goth and dark dance sounds when Mimi Barks hits the main stage at Resistanz Festival in 2024!


The clash of disparate elements activates innovation, and every generation brings us timeless figures who accidentally spark a new revolutionary sound within the music world. Chuck Berry mixed jazz, blues, gospel and country music to create Rock N Roll. A few decades later, Ozzy Osbourne turned up the gain to create Heavy Metal. And since the early 2000s, Federico Ágreda Álvarez, the masked performer known to the world as DJ and producer Zardonic, has harnessed the power of the nexus between Drum & Bass and Heavy Metal to create the sound that is now known as Metal & Bass.

Born and raised in Venezuela, inspired by America, and based in Germany with a passport book stamped into oblivion, he also represents a union of cultures. In his music, these elements charge forward on a collision course towards a future without creative or spiritual borders. Instead, the award-winning artist draws an inimitable energy from this confluence. Following a prolific string of releases, high-profile remixes and video game collaborations, packed shows on multiple continents, and 100 million-plus streams, he realizes the power and potential of his vision like never before on his 2023 full-length offering Superstars [MNRK HEAVY].

“It’s been a long road trying to find the perfect flashpoint between the metal and electronic worlds,” he states about his third MNRK studio album, which follows Antihero (2015) and Become (2018). “To me, music is a direct translation of human emotion. I’m all about bringing sounds and people together with no boundaries at all. I don’t like limits, so my approach is to be limitless.”

Boundlessness has defined his output since day one. Zardonic has cultivated an expansive catalog of original tracks and remixes for platinum icons, leaving his imprint on Pop Evil, Fear Factory, Bullet For My Valentine and Sonic Syndicate, among others. He has also contributed music to soundtracks for videogames such as Superhot: Mind Control Delete and Redout 2, plus features on All Elite Wrestling, TNT and NBC Sports.

He’s the rare force of nature who can earn praise from both YourEDM and Metal Injection. Renowned as “Venezuela’s Top DJ Act,” he has impressively toppled Beatport’s Drum & Bass Releases of the Week and Amazon’s Hard Rock Bestsellers at #1. Not to mention, he even appeared in Warlocks Vs Shadows, standing out as “the first Latin American musician to ever be featured as a playable character in a video game.”, and if you’re a music producer yourself, chances are you’ve already used a few of his hundreds of factory presets and artist packs he’s created for Arturia, Brainworx, Slate Digital, BABY Audio, GForce Software, and many more.

As if reflecting progression in palpable form, Zardonic’s signature mask has evolved with him.

“To some extent, every mask marks the end of an era in my life and my way to approach music,” he notes. “The mask from the Become album and recent tours received a lot of battle damage. I had to constantly glue it back together. The paint scraped off. It wore a lot of scars with pride, yet it was a huge weight on my shoulders because no longer want to these scars to rule my decisions. Hence, the new mask is the exact opposite: shiny, sparkly and full of life. You could say I’m constantly resurrecting the Zardonic character, so to speak.”

The new album features an assortment of international talents from the Drum & Bass and Hard Rock worlds, including UK singer/songwriter Reebz, featured on the single “Bitter”, as well as Nazareth singer Carl Sentance, Toronto Is Broken, Daedric, Hevy, Bruno Balanta from The Qemists, Rage guitarist Jean Bormann, Blitz Union, norwegian Blackjazz virtuosos SHINING, The Surgery & MC Reptile, Mechanical Vein, Camo MC, and Omnimar. “I am humbled to have such a strong relationship with a group of amazing people. I could spend hours writing about them, but they know themselves that if we’re working together, it’s because they mean a great deal to me. My most important thing is being able to genuinely connect with the people I work with. If I can’t have fun with an artist, there’s simply no point in it, and I am glad to call these amazing Superstars my friends.”

In the end, Zardonic will unite listeners with Superstars.

“At the core of everything, I try to breathe life into people,” he leaves off. “I’m blessed enough to be able to do what I love the most, and that is Music. Music is my own form of self-healing. It allows me to float above the darkness. Maybe, it will do the same for you.”

Check out this latest killer track with Zardonic on the new Draven album 'Massacre Blood Club'



VISRA hails from the northern realms of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With recent guest appearances this year at Beat:Cancer (Harder), Goth City, Shadow Factory & Bunker 13. Spinning Darkwave, Techno-EBM, Drum and Bass to Industrial Hardcore.

Founder of NightbreedNCL, Insurgence, Hellbourne in his home city with his fiancé.

This year also saw him co-founding and successfully launching Syndicate Sheffield with DJ Kohl.

He quickly asserted himself within the community playing alongside Karkasaurus, Nemeshade, Duracell Bunny, Zombie Chris and Gillywoo.

He released his first demo ‘The Inevitable End’ along with a remix of ‘Troubled Soul’ by Panic I/O.

And now, he is stepping up to Resistanz 2024!

Yassi Puls4ra

Yassi Puls4ra (formerly known as DJ Pink Foamy)

Pick up the crazy heart and give it one more try.

your mind holds the key - wake up, let's fly!

No compromises ,no sugarcoating.

No reason to prove yourself, stop asking why!

I'll pull you from the dark - these eyes don't lie.

Won't ask for much! RAVE by my side.

Sacrifice this moment - lets get high!

Inhale! BOOM boom, close your eyes!

Embrace heartbeats synchronize, obey!

Pumping beats for ever and ever.

Oh we will be heroes....when I press play.


Medusa plays a range of psytrance and techno. She co-promotes Dragon Moon; Sheffield's new psychedelic night, alongside Belle-Seraphin, she regularly records techno mixes for radio shows and is also a resident DJ for the Audioaddictz. She has played for a number of parties and festivals in the UK and really can't wait to play a high energy multi genre set on home turf at the Sheffield institution that is the Corporation for Resistanz. There are lots of upcoming exciting gigs in 2024 including Leeds, Sheffield, London and Bristol.

I've been listening to the psytrance mix on the top of her soundcloud page and.. WOW!


Elektro Vox's OVERALL MUST SEE DJ recommendation

Peewee & Kark are the dino-duo Karkasaurus.

Bringing together their unique individual styles, the Dino duo create an unparalleled auditory experience that transcends time. Their performances are a beautiful chaos of energy, as they blend thumping beats and captivating melodies, transporting listeners into a prehistoric dimension where music reigns supreme.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey back to the prehistoric era, as the Dino DJs continue to roar through the club scene, leaving nothing but electrifying beats and joyful memories in their wake.

The duo are excited to return to Resistanz fresh of a busy couple of years playing alongside legends such as Gammer, iVardensphere, Organ Donors, Lab4, Proteus, Mark EG, Cubanate, Rhys Fulber, Zardonic and more. You can't get much more fun that a Karkasaurus set.. 'Nuff said.



Killing Miranda

The band's initial line-up consisted of Richard Pyne (aka 'Filthy Rikky') on vocals and programming, Dave Irvine (aka 'Irish Dave') and Dave Turner (aka 'Alien Dave') on guitar, Chris Wareham (aka 'Big Chris') on bass and Belle on drums. This line-up then recorded and released their debut album Blessed Deviant on Nightbreed in 1999 and the subsequent Teenage Vampire single.

The second Killing Miranda album, Transgression By Numbers, was released in 2001. Chris Wareham left the line-up at this point, with Irish Dave moving from guitar to bass. The band then left the Nightbreed label after the release of this album, signing to Diesel Motor Records, who released their third and final Consummate in October 2004.

Regulars at European festivals and touring with the likes of Paradise Lost. Killing Miranda moved to an industrial metal sound with glam and goth influences. They went on hiatus in 2007 and singer Rikky founded the abrasive and tongue in cheek Uberbyte.

Following the death of their drummer and legendary Camden figure Belle in 2023 . Killing Miranda have reformed in their words “to have one last round of chaos and fun, and to see things out as performers because that’s what we love to do”.


Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH artist recommendation!

(2 of 3)

True to the Motto "we are different", ES23 makes DARK ELECTRONIC MUSIC of a very special kind. The musical Spectrum encompasses the endless Expanses of the

Electronic Music World. It doesn't matter whether it's Retrowave, EBM, Industrial, Psytrance, Techno, Trance or wonderful, melodic, driving Ballads. ES23 uses a Variety of Elements and combines them into something very special. Not every Band manages to give the Impression of a „Compilation“ on an Album. But that is exactly what makes ES23 so special. ES23 has reached many fans all over the Globe and reached a Number of around 30.000 monthly Listeners on SPOTIFY. With the song "ERASE MY HEART" from the Album of the same name released in 2017, ES23 managed to gain a Foothold in the Clubs of the international Gothic Scene. Since its founding, ES23 has released 7 Albums and 4 Singles / EPs and has been able to gather a large Number of Concert Experiences in recent Years. These include well-known festivals such as the WaveGotikTreffen, Amphi Festival, E-Tropolis Festival, as well as other Concerts and Events.

In addition to releasing their own music, ES23 has made a name for itself as a well known REMIX ARTIST. His Remixes have already been made for countless Bands, which have been immortalized on many Publications.

My aggrotech lovers, cybergoth dancers, Electronic Body Movers, this one is for you!

Choke Chain

Choke Chain, the Milwaukee based solo project of Mark Trueman, is in every way a display of anguish. Taking influence from Goth, Industrial and Punk in equal measure, Trueman creates an atmosphere fraught with angst, confronting the harsh realities of existence in a completely uncompromising fashion. MORTALITY, his first full-length effort out this September, is dripping with anxiety and tension, an absolutely visceral reaction to the world he lives in.

Seraphim System

Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (1 of 3)

The automaton returns. Seraphim System has strived to combine the heaviest, distorted bass sounds with Industrial since its birth in 2005 and rebirth in 2013. John Stancil, or BL4KJ4K, has melded, fused, and reformed the sounds from genres like neurofunk drum n bass, tearout dubstep, powernoise, electro-industrial, and anything else which shatters expectations and quakes sub speakers. Returning to Sheffield for Resistanz 2024, he packs an arsenal of high energy sonic assaults combined with brutal breakdowns and deathcore vocals. Bass cannons are now on standby, primed for annihilation. This time the man himself has told me the whole set will be full on the floor rave and techno dance thrilling BEATS!

Danny Blu

Elektro Vox's Saturday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (3 of 3)

Danny Blu is a queer dark electro-pop act based in New York City. An electrifying, hybrid powerhouse, he bridges the sounds of industrial and pop through “infectious hooks” and serves up an expansive pop exhibition of fashion, video, and art.

Dubbed as an industrial-pop idol, Danny Blu began his journey as a solo act delivering shock-rock performances throughout queer nightlife. Featured on Alternative Press, Billboard, HBO The Huffington Post and NewNowNext; Danny Blu began his journey in 2010 as a solo act with shock-rock performances in queer nightlife leading to the formation of Echo Black. After several North American tours, Blu returned to his roots with a new “intense darkpop sound” in the Billboard Pride debut of ‘Bubble’.

With the success of ‘The Pale Horse’ EP and its companion, ‘PANDEMONIUM’, Blu returned to the studio enlisting the talents of producers Walter Kazmier & MORIS BLAK. The sophomore EP, ‘MOLOTOV‘, features the likes of Aesthetic Perfection and Snowblood and was released on SHVDOW Records in Fall 2022. Have you heard this track Danny Blu did with MORIS BLAK? If not, WHY THE F NOT?! Listen now!

Future Lied To Us

A future that never was.

The future promised a lot to Vasi Vallis (NamNamBulu/FrozenPlasma/Reaper) and Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand), when they grew up in the 80s and dreamed the dream of being musicians.


The new millennium, an inspiringly innocent-naive projection screen of visionary ideas. During this time they began to discover themselves as musicians, failed, failed again, failed more beautifully, built up, full of hope.

Believing in a future that never was.

Buoyed by their passion, they founded Future Lied to Us. The gateway for their unbroken optimism, their hope; in the now, the brief moment between past and future. Glittering, threatening, tantalizing, oppressive but always new and close.


And again, the present demanded another future. Not without traces. Not without sacrifice. A new perspective. A new hope.

The immensely charismatic singer Damasius Venys (Mental Exile) enriches the band since 2022.



KANGA is a musician and producer from Los Angeles, CA. Widely considered one of the finest underground pop purveyors, KANGA fuses post-apocalyptic pop sensibilities with body-shaking rhythms and sinuous melodies.



The Chief of Beef descends on Tanz this year for a DJ set. Over the last 20 years Rhys has been a musician, professional gobshite, and DJ, spending their formative years as a resident at notorious UK noise and industrial night [implant]. Since the inception of body techno project RED-MEAT Rhys has returned to the decks again and doesn’t intend on holding back at Resistanz 2024. Playing techno, power noise and rare old school EBM grooves for an uncompromising, aggressive sound, much like RED-MEAT live shows Rhys is coming to pick a fight with the dance floor. Prepare to be brutalised with a blunt force beat down.

Exo Cell

Exo Cell are a UK based production duo focussing on hard, hypnotic, groovy techno. Taking influences from 90s hardgroove, London Acid Techno and the dark atmosphere of the North of England.

Currently playing live across the UK and Europe.


DJ LYSINERGY has been a Psytrance fanatic for almost 20 years which has has given her an extremely good ear for stomping tunes that will rock the dance floor. Lysinergy embarked on a musical journey to become a DJ so she could share her love and passion for Psytrance with others. Her style can be described as "high energy, hard-hitting psychedelic beats ranging through full on, twilight, funky nighttime and groovy forest." Kirsty's infectious energy behind the decks and impeccable mixing have led her to quickly becoming an Audioaddictz resident and joining psysisters. Joining us fresh from a summer where she has blasted festival dancefloors including Boomtown, Something Different, Landed, Maui Waui, Existance and Goa Cream.

Das Ook

Bringer of Banging, bouncing filthy dark tech, electronic, trance inspired music for the dark-souled dance floor population.

Has been found behind the decks over the past 17 years here:

Intern of Dropzone, Reading.

Creator & Resident of Electrocute, Reading.

Current Resident of Dark Asylum Radio with his All Ooked Up Episodes.

Guested at:

Infest: 2014, 2016 & 2023.

ElectriXmas, Malmo.

Slimelight, London.

Cosmic Hard Dance

& regular on GRR Radio during Covid Lockdown.

Simon Briggs & Crispygoth

DJ Simon Briggs:

Founder: Strange Crewe, Exit:North & resident DJ Exit the Grey(London)

* Ex-Resident DJ at the world famous Slimelight(London)

* Founder of the infamous Deadstars(Bradford,UK)

* Ex-resident DJ BEATNATION(Ghent,BE)

* Blitzark(Brussels,BE)

Also guest Dj at Resistanz 2023, Infest festival & clubs from Düsseldorf, NY to Tokyo DJ Crispygoth: Sheffield-based DJ Crispygoth has been making boots stomp on the dancefloor since 2002. In his hometown, Crispy has previously held residencies at club nights Batfink, Collision, and MODE @ Corporation, as well as making regular appearances at RevolutioN and Resistanz festival. He has also clocked up countless miles with guest appearances all over the UK (Manchester, Leeds, Reading, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Edinburgh).

Crispy has a wide knowledge of a variety of electronic music styles, blending together sets featuring all kinds of synthpop, futurepop, industrial, trance and more. Get ready to dance until you drop!




Elektro Vox's Sunday MUST WATCH artist recommendation!

(2 of 2)

Based in Leeds, UK - where there is a well established history with dark and aggressive electronic music - INTSEC is one of many carrying the torch for the next generation.

Influenced by early Industrial pioneers and modern electronic dance music, INTSEC takes inspiration from everything between Einsturzende Neubauten and Throbbing Gristle, to modern German Techno and Dutch Hardcore.

Starting out as a project adhering to the lo-fi traditions of Industrial music, INTSEC’s early work was restricted to as few layered tracks as possible. Creating a dark simplicity in what sounds like they were recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder.

Although still trying to keep his music as minimalist as possible, preferring psychoacoustics through layers of sound rather than melody, his music has evolved over time to become the aggressive wall-of-sound dance-floor fillers they are today.

INTSEC has released 5 albums to date with the latest being ELECTRONIC DEATH MUSIC, released on 18th August 2023.

INTSEC blew the floor off at Infest'23 with his killer industrial techno, Don't miss it!

Grabyourface Elektro Vox's Sunday MUST WATCH artist recommendation! (1 of 2)

This Bio was actually written by myself for GYF - Elektro Vox

grabyourface has won the hearts of the UK Goth Industrial scene these past couple of years after their two performances at Infest 2022 - their own set as well as joining Caustic for 'Not Your Body!' - an incredible piece aimed at the horrific abortion law changes in the USA.

This new found success and fanbase helped grabyourface find an incredibly welcoming response at whatever festival they have since played at. Most recently including Terminus in Canada, Subkultfestivalen in Sweden, and of course Marie’s surprise appearance (even to the organiser) with MORIS BLAK at Resistanz 2023!

Marie's range of style brings something to the table for everyone. Starting off in the deepest sways of depression and emotion, and steadily releasing heavier, dancier, more cathartic rage filled floor stompers and techno rave tunes between the sorrowful tracks - non-binary icon Marie is someone we can all relate to. Depression, grief, self doubt, and rage at the way the world is turning, rage at the banks, the politicians, the misogynists and the right wing. Marie brings forth a war cry that transcends gender and genre.

When grabyourface plays in nightclubs across the scene, it hits HARD!

Their most recent anti-capitalist double single release Haine X Guillotine is a great mix of all the best components of electronic music and angst, ranking top in dark techno, dark wave, dark electro, and industrial on bandcamp at its release.

grabyourface, it's like the feeling of a lightning storm getting closer and closer. We all stand, breaths held in anticipation of the one bolt of lightning that will strike close enough to home to jolt us - making us realise that the storm is here, and there's no hiding from it now...

grabyourface is coming to Resistanz 2024.

... Are you ready? If that doesn't sum up just how much I am looking forward to seeing GYF play again, then I don't know what will!

for all the emptiness

for all the emptiness is a Canadian darkwave/futurepop band, which celebrates kindness and freedom. Behind the scenes, the music is created by Jonathan Kaplan and Sebastian Komor.


Leevil has been terrorising underground stages in his own very unique way since 2002, playing hundreds of shows, as well as promoting his own nights in and around his native London.

With a sound that incorporates synths, samplers and a looper, he doth vomit forth a mashup of electro punk, metal, hip hop, industrial, jungle, improv, folk tales, and whatever else isn’t nailed down.

Over the course of three diverse albums, the list of special guests he’s worked with really is quite an impressive mix - from regular collaborator and true punk deity Mike Watt (minutemen/Stooges), to horror movie legend John Amplas (George Romero’s Martin, Creepshow, Day of the Dead), to Jeff Simmons (Mothers Of Invention), to Otto Von Schirach, as well as many, many others.

‘Masked up techno psycho with scant regard for ballads or haircuts. Oompah fans should avoid. Firm handshake.’ - Jon from Petrol Bastard

Simon Carter & Fabsi Elektro Vox's OVERALL MUST WATCH artist recommendation!

“Simon Carter & Fabsi will beguile you as they traverse and incorporate so many styles of dance music. Techno, Industrial, Rhythmic Noise and Trance, whilst the vocals of Fabsi entrance you. This is one magical elixir that one must imbibe to get the full heady and intoxicating taste.” - Onyx Music, Brisbane 2022

Formed during Covid as one of Simon's side-projects to help pass the time and for a "bit of a laugh", the interest and support the project received was so overwhelming it convinced both artists to continue the collaboration in a more serious capacity.

After the debut success of the light-hearted "Beautiful Destruction" EP the UK/German duo released their first full-length "The Bitches Potion" which was quickly followed up by the "Witch But Not Famous" EP and more recently the second full-length "Hex, Herbs 'N' Techno".

All of their releases to date have been positively received by both fans and critics alike.

As for the duos witch-tastic live shows...

"The whole show from start to finish was one of the best Industrial Techno sets I’ve ever heard. Giving me the brain tingles and causing me to dance almost non-stop from the start, there are precious few bands who can ever say that they have had that effect on me!" - Elektro Vox, London 2023 (Nice to see my words are in their bio!) And those words describe EXACTLY why it it that this duo is my no.1 must see act for all of you!

Ultra Sunn

The EBM/Coldwave sensation ULTRA SUNN is here!

ULTRA SUNN is a contemporary EBM/Coldwave band from Brussels Belgium.

Since 2020 with the release of their hit "Keep Your Eyes Peeled," the duo gained widespread recognition, performing concerts all around the world, from Brussels to Calgary, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Berlin, London, and more.

ULTRA SUNN expresses a desire for modernity through its themes, sounds and collaborations (Kontravoid, Kris Baha, Curses, Sarin,...) while being the heirs of classical EBM and Belgian electronic music.

ULTRA SUNN quickly saw itself playing alongside Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, DAF or A Split Second. Sam's deep and dark voice unfolds over Gaelle’s carefully tailored setup of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machines.

The couple is haunted by a Coldwave, New Beat and modern EBM energy.

Active in classical arts and fashion shows, these inspirations are reflected in their work. Witnesses of their time, the band creates dancing and luminous hymns about self improvement, gender equality, fight against anxiety and against obscurantism always with an inclusive, powerful and positive spirit.

Sam and Gaelle are known for their commitment to fighting discrimination and fighting for a more philanthropic and inclusive future.

In 2023, ULTRA SUNN signed a worldwide, multi-album deal with Canadian-based label Artoffact Records and announced their first full LP and USA/North America tour for spring 2024.

Frozen Plasma

Frozen Plasma was formed in 2005 by Vasi Vallis and Felix Marc, praising the natural progression from Vasi's former band Namnambulu. Frozen Plasma stands for melancholic and glorifying synthpop with the longing for large audiences and festivals as well as dancefloor filling parties in the clubs around the globe.

Many of you will recognise Vasi from Future Lied to us and of course - Reaper!


“Altern 8 occupy a unique position in dance music history…” Moby, Los Angeles, 2016

It all started back in 1988, when Mark Archer cut his teeth with Rhythm Mode D then moving on to form Bizarre Inc. in 1989 Although, he didn’t stick around long with the band, Archer received massive critical acclaim – and a few chart placings – for his second project, Nexus 21. It was while Nexus 21 were dabbling with some of the harder Belgian sounds around at the time, that Network Records owner Neil Rushton suggested the formation of a second act, so that some of this hardcore dance could be unleashed… Altern 8 were born!

Altern 8 were a joyous mix of some rather eclectic influences. It sounded so simple and fun and yet the music was deceptively complex. Altern 8 went interstellar with a bunch of hit singles and the album Full-On Mask Hysteria, which hit number 10 in the charts. For a while the unlikely lads from Stafford were jetting around the globe with the likes of Moby, as Altern 8 captured the imaginations of ravers everywhere.

Eventually, the house lights came up on Altern 8 and Archer and Peat went their separate ways. Archer then emerged from the hardcore scene with Slo Moshun, an act he formed with Danny Taurus. Bells of New York became compilation mainstays and Archer’s prowess at the production desk once again came to the fore with this more refined take on electronic music. Archer then followed up Slo Moshun with solo projects Trackman, Xen Mantra and DJ Nex, which rooted our man right back to the underground that he loved so much, as he started to ply his trade as a DJ; something he started to enjoy just as much as making music. The man has been busy ever since.

The past 34 years has seen Archer firmly established as a UK dance music legend. His book The Man Behind The Mask was released in 2016 with a host of famous contributors including Moby, the man Archer toured Brazil with back in the day. The book was a chance for Archer to let that famous dust mask drop, thus revealing the man beneath. The book was warmly received, described by one reviewer as one of the best autobiographies he’d read that year.

Bizarre Inc., Nexus 21, Altern 8, Trackman, Slo Moshun, Xen Mantra, DJ Nex, MASC… Mark Archer has been making and spinning, the finest dance music for an incredible 34 years. Now, that is something to CELEBR8!

Resistanz is very proud to welcome legends of UK rave scene on to our stage in March 2024.

"Watch yer bass-bins i'm tellin' ya"


Duracell Bunny

Duracell Bunny is a Manchester (UK) based EBM and hard dance DJ. For over 15 years she’s been filling dancefloors at clubs all over the UK and pushing the boundaries to get people to question their musical tastes. She's part of the team that runs Sentinel, half of Chaos Emergency Doof Broadcast Network, a resident for Beat:Cancer and has played the big UK festivals with sets at both Infest and Resistanz. 2024 starts off with a bang with her supporting Covenant at Unterwasser in Holland, before getting back on the decks at Resistanz to get you all dancing again!

Biomechanimal X Mechanical Vein

The first of many of this weeks after party DJ announcements!

HYBRID BLAK PRESENTS: Biomechanimal B2B Mechanical Vein (DJ Set)

“I always like to give some love to Biomechanimal, Mechanical Vein, and the fine bass fusion artists at Hybrid Blak. They are some of the most forward thinking producers in blending the realms of EDM, metal, and industrial music.” ~ MORIS BLAK

Now hitting the Resistanz main stage, genre fusion label HYBRID BLAK returns to Sheffield with another monstrous B2B DJ set.

Formed in 2020 by Keith Kamholz & Matthew L. Simpson, the label has had one mission: By Artists, For Artists. Celebrating cutting edge dark electronic music in all its many, many forms, HYBRID BLAK has dropped release after release, featuring remixes from DnB legends Sinister Souls & Zardonic, industrial titans Grendel & C-Lekktor, and dark electronic geniuses INHUMAN & ALVABEAT.

Expect exclusive remixes, mashups, unreleased VIPs, and plenty more.

Blurred Girl & Victoria Fenbane

Stage 2

Blurred Girl, having previously performed at Resistanz 2022 with 'Promenade Cinema', returns in 2024 to DJ. Drawing inspiration from her acclaimed >FREQUENCY synth clubnight, established in 2013, the set promises a sophisticated blend of modern synthpop, synthwave, and darkwave.

Victoria is a goth, EBM, industrial and darkwave DJ with over 20 years of experience. Past residencies include Nightmare (Nottingham) and Slimelight (London). Highlights of her numerous guest bookings include Infest Festival (UK), Club 666 (Vienna), Dark Infection (Munich), Death Guild (San Francisco), The Black Rose Ball (York), Intrusion (Oxford) and many more!

In 2017 she founded ‘Exit the Grey’ a London based club night which focuses on the best in new and classic EBM, dark-electro and synthpop.


There you have it!

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Thank you!


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