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Album Review: Teknovore - The Theseus Paradox

Recently I gave Teknovore's single 'Anachronist' the highest score on E.V so far (HERE) and I have been very excited to move on to this.

Industrial music as one of my main interests goes without saying but throw in Ancient Greek Mythology and Philosophical samples in to that mix and you've really cornered me in to loving something!

The ship of Ancient Greek hero Theseus was a ship Athens kept maintained for posterity however once all of the pieces had eventually been replaced, could it really be called Theseus' ship anymore?

As I listened to this album and felt it bend my mind in and out of reality I thought to myself.. If our personalities are made up of our experiences and choices, with every track listened to can anyone truly claim to still be who they were before they started listening?

Having since read the below info for the album, it seems Teknovore really can engrain a masterful story concept in their music without prior knowledge of it!


The Theseus Paradox is the debut album from Teknovore, the solo project of George Klontzas (formerly of PreEmptive Strike 0.1, Croona and Cynical Existence). It was created following a period of introspection and driven by a desire to experiment with a variety of electronic genres.

The album takes its name from the Ship of Theseus, a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object, and how it applies to the human condition. As we live and grow, and every cell in our body is gradually replaced over time, where does our consciousness reside? What ensures the continuity of the self?

The Theseus Paradox showcases Teknovore’s uniquely personal blend of dark electronic genres with influences ranging from mid-tempo EBM and EBSM to dark Psytrance and Techno. The tracks hit hard and aggressively with tribal beats and massive melodic sequences, and feature guest vocals by rising star Jay Taylor (J:dead), and scene veterans Fredrik Croona (Neon Decay) and Jay Ruin (RNZR).

The Theseus Paradox is set for release on 18th March 2022 on Infacted Recordings.

Teknovore is the solo project from George Klontzas (formerly of PreEmptive Strike 0.1 and Croona) created in 2020. They first drew attention with the release of their first songs Olethros and Take Me Away leading to interest from labels and their collaboration with rising star J:dead on the hit single Tearing Me Apart. Soon they were signed to Infacted Recordings and released the single Anachronist in February 2022 in advance of their full-length debut The Theseus Paradox which is set for release on 18th March.

Teknovore takes inspiration from a range of electronic genres, from brooding, mid-tempo EBSM to aggressive dark Techno and Psytrance, while keeping one foot firmly planted in EBM/Industrial to forge something uniquely personal.

They explore the themes of cosmic indifferentism and the metaphysics of identity through their music.



(I had finished this review with some of my best writing so far when Wix crashed including all of the restore saves! This review is a desperate and somewhat unsuccessful attempt to remember the original and more eloquent version of my review!)

'Take Me Away' opens up with what I can only describe as industrial ASMR, it soothes and tingles the brain with anticipation.

We are once again treated to the vocals of Jay Taylor aka J:dead, which is an artists E.V has covered a few times now; I originally likened his vocals to the 80's synth style that makes him sound like the next Human League but from a modern generation. These vocals continue in that electric fashion.

This is a tale of two songs, the first of which feels level and controlled, the second of which seems bound full of frustration and fury even though they are essentially the same.

What divides them?

Jay's vocals come to a close at the first half, introducing a faint radio broadcast to the listener, desperate to make itself heard. The listener is then audibly thrown back into the simulation but now the second half to Jay's vocals sounds furious and frantic at the revelation.

The track fades out with a touch of loneliness leaving way for the broadcast once more. There is a real intelligence and creative mastery to the way this song is crafted.

'Apotheosis' continues with similar energy with philosophical messages of man and God set amongst intense, dance heavy industrial alongside the mind expanding feel good of psytrance. This track and album as a whole should be labelled 'Serotonin Dispenser' because that's how powerful it feels for the soul, and it sends actual waves of pleasure through my skull. The voice samples certainly continue to add to the concept of the album. Deep ..

'The Seal Becomes the Gate' is basically the ultimate theme track to a horror film in a trailer. From spoken Demonic samples and retro spooky slow piano section, to the fierce beat industrial and the stomp-demanding drum loops.. This IS the track 'Christian Moms' try to warn people about!

This song both creeps me out and spikes my adrenaline excitement in equal measure. It's great to have some fresh Terror EBM to hit the scene again! This sudden jump in to the heavier side of things is certainly an interesting surprise.

We are treated to another story revelation with the opening of 'Vox Machina'. The opening drop is teased a little longer than you'd expect but jabs you in the face as soon as the first hint of doubt enters your mind. This is the musical equivalent of being on a canon shot rollercoaster. The genre itself has slipped back in to that powerful mix of industrial and EDM, and continues the non-stop dancefloor power of this album.

Any Psyclon 9 fans? Well 'Relinquish Your Flesh' gets its claws in to you thanks to the distorted growls and yells of Neon Decay in the best kind of Hellektro kind of way. There's a real emotional feel to this track.. Deep, angry, and invasive. The change of direction is again surprising but mixes in amongst the album seamlessly. To flow in and out of sub genres from track to track is an impressive feat few other industrial artists could match! (Although ESA certainly is a master at this too!)

I had listened to 'Make Us Whole' a few fair few times before I realised in amazement that the song samples, and references the 'Dead Space' game franchise. I instantly had to ask George if the inspiration and samples were indeed Dead Space, and its true!

This choice of sample and addition layer to the story story's overall concept, is impressive. This techno rave of epic audio ingrains a deep sense of foreboding and further provokes thought and mind altering twists.

I recently reviewed 'Anachronist' with a score of 9.8/10, the highest E.V score yet! You can see the whole article on this awe inspiring stomp fest HERE

'Split The Sky' slows down the pace to a chilled, bass heavy beat which still continues the deep thumping of industrial creating deep satisfaction within your core. The female vocals weave themselves trough the tracks and around your ear canals in an almost mystical resonance. This ability of Teknovore to flow in and out of genres and tempos at will is like strolling through a display of different fine works; It's easy to get lost in this audio and it feels like an art gallery for the mind.

With every track my mind has been blown and I'm not sure how safe that is to keep doing in a short amount of time!

'Every Beaten Bone' was the first track I heard after reviewing 'Anachronist' and I jumped for joy hearing the instantly recognisable vocals of J:dead. The sheer aggression and passion launched from the visceral vocals males for one hell of a mosh pit candidate! To have two J:dead vocal tacks on this album makes it all the more sweeter.

Just like Metal has sub-genres that have become their 'almost' individual genres, Industrial of course has this as well as we all know.. However this track feels like a whole new branch of industrial metal unto itself and takes on a much more faithful approach to industrial as a whole approach. Once again Teknovore absolutely belts us with a sub genre we were not expecting.

This powerhouse of a song is an adrenaline shot to the chest and a skullf**k for the mind and is quite possibly going to be my personal song of the year because never before has music that crossed my desk been THIS GOOD!

One of the translation for 'Olethros' is the destruction of flesh and is not the the goal of psytrance to take your mind out of your body? This track indeed feels like it is stripping away the last remaining layers to expose your soul before the musical universe.

There is a real feel of the ancient in the female vocal chants, as well as the spoken samples that bring reference to 'Oletheros' (Also being the Greek deity of Destruction.)

This touch of ancient smashed in amongst an intense dance firestorm of modern energy really does strip that metaphorical flesh from your bones leaving you ready for the final track..

Human cell replacement and the perception of self within the human condition introduce 'Continuity'. There is a profound sense of analysing consciousness and what it means to be alive and perceived by others both from the sampled words and the cinematic audio.

Not only does this format so brilliantly bring to a close the concept of the album.. It makes you realise that it has conveyed the concept and story in not only subtle and in clear ways, but also if you allow it.. interactively. It's an incredible journey for mind, body, and soul.

The outro feels lonely but enlightening, leaving yourself open to either the void or to an awakening, your choice..

The end feels full of trepidation and heavy with expectation much like the cliff hanger ending of the Dead Space saga now I come to think of it!


Take Me Away (feat. J:dead)


The Seal Becomes the Gate

Vox Machina

Relinquish Your Flesh (feat. Neon Decay)

Make Us Whole

Anachronist (feat. RNZR)

Split The Sky

Every Beaten Bone (feat. J:dead)




This may very well be the album that truly kicks off the Industrial Psytrance sub-genre exploration for other artists. One of a handful of artists who are really smashing the Industrial world apart with their incredible talent and genre bending.

George Klontsaz has made some great music before but this 'debut' album for Teknovore is an incredible display of artistic audio mastery and thought provocation; This is Michelangelo's David!

Just like Heilung reach out with living history ritual music, Teknovore reaches out with modern electronics and engrossing synths, both of whom create a similar spiritual ecstasy experience.

Music is an expression of the soul and this album creates a fugue like trance to examine yourself and the world around you.

This release is full of positive endorphins and smashes out memorable dance heavy track after track and I am in absolute awe of how many tingles this album sends through my brain no matter how many times I listen.

This is one of only a handful of albums I know of that can intoxicate, bend your mind, and send you high as Olympus; So how on Earth this album is pre-order for only $9.99 is beyond me because it truly is A grade material.

I cannot begin to imagine how good all of this would sound like! Lets see what the future holds for EVM events..

Pre order HERE


Technicality: 10/10

Soul factor: 10/10

Energy: 10/10

Vocals/Samples: 10/10

Re-play value: 10/10

Overall score: 10/10


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