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Single Review: Teknovore - Anachronist

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

How to instantly put a smile on my face: Play me a track that mixes dark techno, aggrotech, and a hint of trance/psy-trance in a 'crunchy' formulae and I am hooked. This 4 track release has me STOMPING! This is one of the finest pieces of music to grace my inbox. Please get yourself acquainted with it!


Teknovore is the solo project from George Klontzas (formerly of PreEmptive Strike 0.1 and Croona) created in 2020. They first drew attention with the release of their first songs Olethros and Take Me Away which led to various remixes, interest from labels and their collaboration with rising star J:dead on the hit single Tearing Me Apart. Soon they were signed to Infacted Recordings and are set to release the single Anachronist in February 2022 in advance of their full-length debut The Theseus Paradox.

Teknovore takes inspiration from a range of electronic genres, from brooding, mid-tempo EBSM to aggressive dark Techno and Psytrance, while keeping one foot firmly planted in EBM/Industrial to forge something uniquely personal.

They explore the themes of cosmic indifferentism and the metaphysics of identity through their music.

Anachronist is the new single from Teknovore taken from their upcoming album The Theseus Paradox to b