EP Review+Interview: Jan Doyle Band - The body balanced

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Although released in March, this EP is still as powerful now as on its release. It has grown on me in many different and interesting ways. We speak to Derek Williams about the EP and the brand new released music videos for each track.

If you haven't heard of Jan Doyle Band before, I described them as the following and Derek absolutely loves to share this quote around, much to my appreciation!

"A band half way to old school goth Sister's of Mercy but got snagged on David Bowie, and slipped in a puddle of glam; in a sense... The Clash on acid."


Q. What exactly is the concept of Insurrectionary Neo Futurism?

It all came about through the idea of many bands such as Naked Lunch, Depeche Mode, Blancmange and so on often being called Futurist and indeed there was a Futurist chart in certain music publications. I felt that in the same way as those bands were looking to the future, we were occupying a similar thought space so we’re NEO futurist.. Insurrectionary because so much out there is incredibly boring. So few acts seem to really put on a show (Legpuppy and Holy Braille being two notable exceptions mind you) and seem so stuck in a rut of one track turned into an album (Good friend The Alpha Video being decidedly opposite though). I felt that we were insurrectionary in terms of shaking things up a bit - cause a bit of mayhem and be unpredictable. This isn’t entertainment, it’s war!

Q. You briefly described each track on the body balanced in our early listen article HERE. Would you say since it's release in March that any meaning to those songs has changed in any way and which track are you most proud of?

In ways tracks can take on different meanings over time and it’s sometimes exciting to try and imbue meaning into random words but with 'Body Balanced' it’s stayed the same. However we like to leave it open to listeners to possibly apply it to themselves in whatever way they see fit and indeed in our obfuscatory obliqueness we may not always give the same definition.

Q. Can you tell us about the filming process behind the new music videos?

The filming process itself was pretty obvious of course - point a video recording device at JDB record. However to go into more detail about how it came about is perhaps more interesting. What with one thing and another, Goth City festival, which was supposed to be featuring JDB this year, moved to being an online affair and so required people to pre-record their performances. Now I’d done a couple of okay-ish live stream performances from a specially decorated spare room at home but the thought struck me that this wasn’t a live stream so why not do something different..

There was opportunity for something a bit more and to try and truly represent the EP well. It didn’t have to be a live performance I figured so why not make a mini movie or series of music videos to the EP?

Now, Doncaster (where I live) is a place full of concrete, glass and metal architecture which provides the perfect setting for things with a cyberpunk flavour so why not do some performances among that and overdub them with the studio audio?

So we gathered on a sunday, recorded and performed (with the aid of a bluetooth speaker - thanks to Jamie Mann in Sheffield) and by the Thursday I’d somehow made 5 music videos. The most challenging of which was for the currently unreleased instrumental track Distance. Considering I was editing on almost every kick drum with that, it took most of the day to do a 2 minute track.

The videos were all recorded by good friend Alan Morgan who makes incredible abstract paintings and fascinating musical experiments HERE and his Facebook page can be found HERE.

I had so much anxiety about doing them before hand just thinking 'oh it’s stupid and pointless and will look rubbish anyway' and VERY nearly called off the band meeting up to do them. However I feel the results surpassed what I expected and give a good flavour of what JDB can provide as a performance.

Q. You also have a regular radio show, can you tell us about that and what's included?

I typically broadcast on monday nights at 8pm on.. mixcloud.com/live/jdbradio It’s a rather ambivalent show but may veer mostly toward the electronic side of things just as my tastes due. I try to play the most interesting new music as well as unusual selections from the past. It’s probably the only place you’ll hear such as Girls Aloud alongside say Skinny Puppy. But all music exists in the same place for me, I don’t feel the need to distinguish between genres. If it’s good, I’ll like it.