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Single review: Biomechanimal - End Your Life

This release is one destined for greatness, that pivotal point in an artist's career where all the hard work has paid off and they spring board in to the pond not just as another little fish, but as one of the mighty Megaladons of recent times.


BIOMECHANIMAL join forces with hedonistic legend Nysrock Infernalien to bring you ‘End Your Life’, a brutal, filthy expression of electronic music. This aggressive collaboration brings together elements of industrial, extreme metal, and both artists’ visceral vocal performances. It's rounded out by a selection of explosive remixes from both established and fresh artists across the alternative electronic sphere.

Written by Matt & Nysrok, produced by Biomechanimal, post production from X-Fusion Music Production & Keith/Mechanical Vein, and some incredible artwork from returning artist Midiankai Arts, the single hosts a large array of scene talent: DIE SEKTOR, JAVI SSAGITTAR (Terrolokaust, Killus), MOAAN EXIS, XM.H, XOTOX, and new labelmates KALC

End your life releases November 27, 2020

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Something Biomechanimal have always stood at the edge of and not quite took the plunge in to, is Aggrotech.

With 'End your life' they do so with reckless abandon thanks to the Nysrock Infernalien influence of this release. The undeniable Bio tones and synths ring true as ever but the vocals retch out viscera and vulgarity as never before in a track that ends far too short; Like catching yourself on a rusty razor blade, it's brutal and gets pulled away too quick.

I'm not quite sure to rave dance, head bang, or spin the hell out as the tempo and direction of the track is as fluid as a storm wave, rising, falling, changing direction, calming, and swelling.

This is what happens when the unstoppable force of Biomechanimal meets the immovable Nysrock Infernalien.

The power held within and spilling out of the speakers is far more than teen angst could ever hope to be. This is fury and frustration at everything wrong with the world. It is unadulterated, battle frenzy bliss.

The Die Sektor remix only adds further fire and brimstone to an already deadly track and the Moaan Exis mix brings us a more experimental yet wonderfully familiar feel with its industrial dance feel aspect. XMH turns the track hardcore style, Xotox takes us on an OLD school EBM nostalgia trip of industrial sound, and KALCYFER keeps truest to the original but seems to sharpen that rusty razor in to a dance floor stomping aural killing machine!


End Your Life

End Your Life (KALCYFR Remix) End Your Life (Die Sektor Remix)

End Your Life (Ssagittar Remix)

End Your Life (Moaan Exis Remix)

End Your Life (XMH Remix)

End Your Life (Chaosmix by Xotox)


I said a while ago that Biomechanimal were the rising stars of Industrial and the band to watch out for. I have not been proven wrong.

The more they work with well established artists in their music and the more incredible acts they find themselves supporting or hosting on their streams recently has proved that once and for all. Biomechanimal is among the UK's utmost finest and important crop of industrial artists.

'End Your Life' is their defining moment of not just taking a well deserved seat at the table but storming in, kicking the table over, slamming themselves down backwards on that chair and mouthing.. 'F**king deal with it!'


Technicality: 8.5 /10

Dance factor: 8 /10

Energy: 9 /10

Vocals: 8.5 /10

Re-playability: 9.5 /10

Overall score: 8.7 / 10

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