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Single review: Biomechanimal - End Your Life

This release is one destined for greatness, that pivotal point in an artist's career where all the hard work has paid off and they spring board in to the pond not just as another little fish, but as one of the mighty Megaladons of recent times.


BIOMECHANIMAL join forces with hedonistic legend Nysrock Infernalien to bring you ‘End Your Life’, a brutal, filthy expression of electronic music. This aggressive collaboration brings together elements of industrial, extreme metal, and both artists’ visceral vocal performances. It's rounded out by a selection of explosive remixes from both established and fresh artists across the alternative electronic sphere.

Written by Matt & Nysrok, produced by Biomechanimal, post production from X-Fusion Music Production & Keith/Mechanical Vein, and some incredible artwork from returning artist Midiankai Arts, the single hosts a large array of scene talent: DIE SEKTOR, JAVI SSAGITTAR (Terrolokaust, Killus), MOAAN EXIS, XM.H, XOTOX, and new labelmates KALC