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Single Review: ESA - Join Our hands


He hath risen again, Electronic Substance Abuse returns with dramatic flair and dance floor damaging style..


‘JOIN OUR HANDS’. The new Single from ESA is a pounding ritual techno anthem that will be shaking dance floors once again.

Based on the concept of imaginary Cult Leader ‘The Stairway’. This singles includes a throbbing remix of the original (re-imagined again by ESA) along with both an official Visualiser and a TV interview with the man himself.

ESA again takes you further into its own universe. Breaking down the barriers of art and reality with cinematic imagery and a healthy dose of satire.



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Slap down some thick bass, put some tongue in to your cheek, and pound out a synth beat for ESA has returned. Kicking straight in with 'Opus novum kultus invictus' roughly translated as 'The work of a new unconquered cult' it's hard not to see some inspiration taken from the ridiculous paths at which so called 'Religion' has fallen. Enough about that though, although I don't know exactly what message Jamie Blacker is trying to put across with 'The Stairway' character, what I do know is there is an experiment going on here. As with most of his work, as a king of genre experiments something new is tried, tested, explored, and either continued or abandoned. Is there an opening for a cult themed album in the works? Perhaps a new symbol for his fans to be acknowledged by? Or Perhaps just an idea that needed manifesting. Either way, it is another great addition to his catalogue. The 'Slow Hard Pray Mix' brings an interesting cyberpunk twist to an already club worthy track. It adds a sense of urgency but more importantly despair and fear in a way I can't quite verbalise.. Except for maybe some of the voices being drawn out and perhaps 'mad' sounding? It's like a modern day version of a Lovecraft work.. I almost expect to here Cthullu mentioned at any moment. As ever with ESA the electronic drums and loops are some of the most satisfying and chest pounding beats in industrial.


If I were to ever direct a warhammer 40k universe show or film, then this track would be absolutely perfect for Primaris Space marines blasting their way through a Demon infested Hive city. A damn fierce return from ESA with enough foot stomping, jaw grinding, soul fire stoking beats to keep me in desperate hope that more is to follow..

Thank you!


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