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Spotlight: grabyourface - A deep dive and interview with our 'One to watch' of 2023

grabyourface is one hell of an artist. Marie blew the UK Goth scene away in not one but two performances at Infest 2022, for their own set and joining Caustic for 'Not Your Body!' an incredible piece aimed at the horrific abortion law changes in the USA. Infest review of those performances: HERE

Marie's range of style brings something to the table for everyone. Starting off in the deepest sways of depression and emotion, and steadily releasing heavier, dancier, more cathartic rage filled floor stompers and techno rave tunes between the sorrowful tracks - Marie is someone we can all relate heavily to. Depression, Grief, Self doubt, and rage at the way the world is turning, rage at the banks, the politicians, the misogynists and the right wing scum. Marie brings forth a war cry that Transends gender, genre, and genes as they sing in 'Keepthemclose'..

We could change the world We could build it anew We could bring down the walls that we were made to build between each other
Just remember Be relentless Don’t let them catch their breath And when they’re down, don’t catch feelings Don’t give them pity, they wouldn’t give you any

Elektro Vox's mission has always been to shine a light on the wonders of the industrial world, especially ones that may often get missed, and so I present to you a truly fascinating artists who I genuinely believe has the potential to blow the scene out of the water with just that bit more encouragement and belief in them.

Below you will find awards that explain what I mean, a new text interview with our original video interview included, a bit of history, and finally some reviews; All of which of course peppered with videos and stream links that I hope you take full advantage of!

When I was discussing my choice of photos for this article I mentioned to Marie that I had tried not to use any photos that would have come off as over sexualised. I took quite a few at infest and wanted to make sure I was respecting them in my choice of photos to which Marie replied.

I overly sexualise myself during my gigs I use it to express the filth And conjure the darkness and the vice I'm trying to put on my songs

I hope that give an extra bit of insight in to how bad ass they are.

Check out one of their latest and most powerful rage tracks here:


So for several reasons, I did not do my usual 'Best of' for 2022 but I did post a handful of Best of awards on my FB to make up for it. Here are the two award posts of about five that included grabyourface:

Best song/track of 2022

It really goes without saying that MORIS BLAK has been the king of American industrial this year (2022); So mixing a track up with the 'Drums de force' of France's MOAAN EXIS and the blazing comet that's burned it's way in to view this year (2022) in the form of grabyourface, was truly one of the most astonishing moments of 2022 when they collectively hit us with State Rejects!

The poignancy of the anger we all feel makes this the ultimate anthem for those of us with anarchy in our hearts, but not just any anarchy, these are the movements that change the world for the better, that stoke the fires of love and compassion for our fellow man in to violence towards those that consistently do harm.

So when iVardensphere dropped this absolute killer remix of an already fantastic track.. Well, the king of Canada turns any music he touches in to master crafted perfection.

If you've not heard this remix before... Play it f**ing LOUD!

One to watch 2023 / Break-through artist 2022 award: Grabyourface Double award!

Although Marie has been making music for a few years now with their fire mix of unique industrial and some incredibly emotional songs.. 2022 really seemed to be the year they made waves!

Marie is the artist you listen to when you need to feel pain, to feel anger, or to snap the f**k out of something and move on!

Marie has worked with some of the best artists on the industrial scene from Caustic + Daddy Bear, Moaan Exis, Moris Blak, iVardensphere, and many more.. I've also had conversations with other big name artists' saying they have work in the pipeline with Marie as well.. grabyourface has new tracks dropping soon; One set to be a hard industrial techno banger, the other a heart wrenching slow song.

Having found rapturous love from the Infest Festival crowd with Marie's own performance, we were all blown away by the incredible and poignant mash up with Caustic for the single 'Not Your Body'.

All of this and more should have hopefully given grabyourface the well deserved recognition to launch them in to being possibly one of the best artists of 2023!



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Q. For those still unaware of your music, how would you describe it and your great contrast between emotional tracks and dance floor stompers in equal measures? A. I'll describe it as an ADHD darkwave-ish project then I suppose nothing is ever planned, and a lot is due to procrastination and changing my mind halfway through an idea.

In terms of sounds and vibes, probably a healthy dose of emo bullshit as well as unmanaged teenage angst combined to either darkpop or sleazy beats. Or both?

Can you tell me brain is chaotic?

Q. grabyourface is quite a unique name, where did it come from and what is the story behind what you create? A. Uhhh, well. I wanted a name that was absolutely not cliché; not heard before. Something unusual and weird, almost shocking, and representing some sort of absurd violence.

I remember I was just throwing random word combinations at my friend with more and more frustration until the magic of grabyourface happened. Still very happy with the weirdness of it :)

Q. The last few years you have ended up collaborating with some huge name artists like MORIS BLAK and Caustic to name just a couple. How did these collabs start, what is the best part about working with them, and what do you think makes you and your voice/vocals so well respected and sought after in the scene?

A. Yeah I was lucky enough to work with amazing humans. I don't really know what they see in me, to be honest Some sort of sleazy tank girl with things to say maybe; Or maybe it's just my radiant and colourful personality... :p

As for how it works, well it generally starts with us following each other online and interacting with the bullshit we post on social media. Then a joke is thrown about doing a collab, then we go, 'but yo, what if for real mate?' And then we do it. Something like that.

Internet is the best and the worst, as usual.

The best part about it is the opportunity to sing on tracks I would not have the idea or the skills to produce myself. Getting to record vocals for extremely heavy songs such as the Moaan Exis/Moris Blak one when most of my stuff is very mellow is such a refreshing change of pace sometimes, and it gives me new ideas too.

Q. With these collaborations, have there been any particular amazing, funny, or difficult moments that spring to mind that you could tell us about? A. The amazing one remains Eskil from Covenant asking me to collab with them as I only had one EP out I think.

They had discovered me just because I had decided to sell my stuff on tape at the time. Eskil wanted to get back to collecting tapes, and probably bought mine randomly. That's some serious twist of fate.

Also, exclusive bit of exclusiveness, I might go back to making tapes soon. No valid reason, I just like it.

No real difficult moment, people have been amazing with and around me ever since this little grabventure started. Yes I'm a fucking carebear, I love everyone, deal with it bitch. x

Q. ‘Not Your Body’ with Caustic was so well received at Infest 2022, as was your show the following night, tell us about how it was to perform that weekend and what it was like to have everyone respond so well to you. A. Performing at Infest was a dream come true. And I'm not just saying that. It was a fucking DREAM of mine. Infest was one of my holy grails. That and playing in a strip club, and in Vegas (if I play in a strip club in Vegas it's triple points)

Obviously I was shitting my pants a bit, but after the first round on stage on Friday with the Caustic boys, I felt completely liberated from any stage fright I may have had. On Saturday when I went on stage for my set, I felt like I was the fucking king of the world. And I dont know how or why, but the crowd gave exactly that kind of energy back to me. They offered me the loudest fucking cheer I ever received. Kinda cried on the inside. But remained a total cool and edgy badass on the outside of course

Nah for real, Infest was incredible. I can't fucking wait to just GO. BACK.

Caustic returning the favour and joining the grabyourface performance

Here is our interview at Infest before any of us had seen grabyourface perform:

Q. So the news is out that you’ll be tagging along to Resistanz to hang with the UK crowds again, what are you most looking forward to? A. Yessss I am so happy to finally see Resistanz with my eyes. I have heard of it so much. Plus I'm not playing, so it's all gonna be fun and beers and chill for three days, I can't wait. I'm obviously looking forward to see matey Moris Blak, which is one of the reasons I'm going in the first place. We've exchanged and worked together so much online, I couldn't pass on the chance to meet him IRL on his first gig in Europe.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Randolph and Mortimer a lot, the bros from Biomechanimal and Mechanical Vein of course, the DJ set from Gillywoo my best girl from Infest, AYRIA! Can't wait for that. Her Noise is Violence I'm extremely curious about, MBR same, I'm sure it's gonna be fire, and lastly Wulfband! I opened for them in Ireland once and I kept a very good memory of those guys.

ALSO I'm simply just looking forward to seeing many faces I love and can't get to see often as I live in goddamn France.

Q. As someone who is non binary, do you feel there is enough representation across the industrial scene when it comes to artists that are booked for shows and what would ideal representation look like for you? (I ask this because I intend to put on festivals in future with much more minority representation across performing artists.) A. Mmmmmh. I think as a scene we're quite open-minded, despite the occasional backward fascist and misogynist.

As for representation... well I don't know, I might not be best placed to talk about that, I haven't really analysed it. Mmmh...

I feel that even though it might not be explicit during artist bookings at events, the queer artists are becoming a solid and increasing part of the scene. Just looking at the Infest artists I met last year, I think at least 50% of us were queer, therefore including non-binary folks.

So that makes me happy. :) It feels nice and safe.

Q. Which song of yours means the most to you and also which track was the most fun to make? A. I probably have a thing for Sea, the last track of the album of the same name.

It was clearly a suicide note, left at the end of an agonizing album that was meant as a farewell, at a time where my life was very... not cool. A time I thought I could escape only by ending my life.

I remain a depressed fuck to this day of course, but I escaped this difficult period, so that's cool. Yet this song always moves me to tears. That one and So, off the same album. Same reasons.

I think Videotapes was the most fun to make. It's a silly little electro song with samples from one of my favourite movies, American psycho (and one from x-files!) which was a nice little absurdist break in the emotionally heavy 'Keep Me Closer' that I released in 2019. I might remix/remake that track in the future, now that I know a little more about how to make music.

Q. What are some of the great things about the Industrial / Gothic scene and are there any parts you would like to see improve? A. The great thing is that everyone is sexy and bi and kind and open-minded. You could make ethnic hip-hop drum and bass with a sprinkle of ghetto goth on top, they'd still be interested in hearing it, and supportive no matter if they like it or not.

I would improve... the lineup of European goth festivals as much as I love seeing And One, Faderhead, Diary of Dreams, Project Pitchfork and Aesthetic Perfection for the 5th time, I would love to get a slice of the new wave of goth that is happening in the US at the moment. Kanga, Curse Mackey, Panic Priest, Rein, Health, Actors, Black Asteroid, TR/ST, Kontravoid, etc.

I feel my music fits much more with the US goth sound as well.

Q. What moment in your life made you decide to create grabyourface? A. A crossroads of events, as usual.

I had just finished a course on audio technology, I was learning to use digital audio interfaces for the first time.

A good old break up of course, as well as the start of a toxic relationship I really should have curved, roughly at the same time (yes I'm a romantic - or a slut, whichever you want to call it).

But also and more importantly extra supportive friends, who knew I had something to express and pushed me to try and try and try again, who got me to get softwares, midi instruments as well as my first gig.

And of course, a lifelong tendency to ️depression️ and anxiety, that was enough to fill several albums already.

Q. What artists do you listen to when you, want to party, when you’re feeling down, and when you want to relax and zone out? A. Party: early 2000s pop punk, I know it's trash but I love it and never get tired of it. It makes me happy and nostalgic of a youth I didn't really have (I was not cool enough to hang out at the skate park with the punks, I was mostly hanging out in my room with the cat).

Otherwise techno, 80s pop (Duran Duran!), nu disco, italo disco, fun industrial like Wulfband, Mindless Self Indulgence or And One, Mascarpone, etc.

Down: early 2000s emo (yes, again - it's my thing at the moment), Depeche Mode, NIN, sad rap and rnb, sad Electronica, Placebo, depressive black metal...

Relax: vaporwave, video game lofi, liminal space music (yes, it's a thing - and it's my favourite thing)

Q. What is in the works for you, do you have new music your creating at the moment and can we expect any more collaborations in the near future? A. I'm preparing an album. A very sad girl album. I can't say more for now, but prepare the tissues (for the tears. Don't you dare.)

And yeah there are a couple of fun collabs in the works at the moment, but I can't talk about it further yet.

However in the meantime you should really check out my songs with Ex Machina, Non, Orphooiz, Cyber Reaper, Drew Von Sheim and Simon Gag, to mention only the recent ones (yes, I like to collab a lot ).

I feel those songs are excellent and didn't get enough talked about, so go listen to them, and don't hesitate to come grab me on Instagram to tell me what you thought!

Q. Have you had any particular favourite moments with fans of yours? A. The rush for my merch after my gig at Infest, and seeing people with grabyourface t-shirts throughout the weekend after that. It was an incredible feeling, I was very moved.

People just being extra nice to me in general, buying me a beer (cant go wrong with that) or just coming up to me shyly to tell me how much they loved my show. This is some magical shit.

Marie and I at Infest

Q. I’ve said you are my number one artist to watch this year but where would you like to see grabyourface be in the next couple of years? A. In a stripclub in Vegas!

Honestly I don't know. If I'm still alive it's already a success. Other than that, if I can get a couple of gigs here and there, overseas as well, if I can get to collab and play with cool artists, and if society leaves me alone and lets me compose and release my little music in peace, I'll be pretty happy I think :)

Q. Do you have any life advice for us that being in this music industry has taught you? A. Be nice to people. You don't know what's going on for them. In doubt - just be nice. It's free.

Photo credit: Infest Festival

Q. If you could make a dream band with three other people, who would they be and why, also what music would you all play? A. Nick Cave, Robert Alfons from TR/ST, and uh, me, that's it, we would make the saddest fucking music to ever exist, it would be amazing.

Q. I’ll ask this again as it took you so off guard in our video interview so, do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans? A. Mmmmh... eat a little less meat if you can. Try and get it from people who treat animals kindly.

Drink a glass of water after each beer.

Talk about what's bothering you. To your friends, your family, your therapist.

Don't give silent treatments to people, it's the worst. Communicate.

Don't kill yourself for jobs. Jobs can suck it. They would replace you in about a week if you die.

Oh and, thanks!

Had to.. It's peak aesthetic <3


Marie is quite a private person from France (Except for their love for craft beer!) and when you go looking for information about grabyourface, you will find very little. Self described in only brief sentences: 'grabyourface is your deepest feelings.'

'Urban industrial hybrid singing about sad stuff.'

Self releasing the four track album Philophobia in October 2017, and the single 1LLNES$E$ in January 2018, Marie then went on to releasing a few more self released pieces, most noticeably the full length album Keep Me Closer in December 2018.

Marie went on to signing with Negative Gain Productions and released the harrowing album, and my personal favourite GYF release, sea, in December 2020.

On this separate Bandcamp, the description now reads.. 'Cold industrial-wave lowlife. Too soft to fight. So angry though.'

N.G apparently thought there would not be enough of a market to create a CD version of sea and I hope that changes soon N.G because it's something I would very much like to physically own!

And I present to you the incredible track 'Shore' that made me fall in love with this six track album in the first place.

As may have been apparent, last year was filled with collaborations bringing Marie in to the spotlight. From the previously mentioned State Rejects with Moris Blak, Moaan Exis, and iVardensphere, to 'Not Your Body' with Caustic.. (Photo cover for that single was one I took hehe)

Photo Credit: Tim Payne

..To working with Simon Gag for 'Sunflower Man' in support of Ukraine, and others such as Cyber Reaper with 'Let Me Just Get My Axe'- Original exclusive Elktro Vox release and review: HERE

- Needless to say Marie has been busy and there are more collaborations and grabyourface releases both in the past and in the works as mentioned in the above interview.

Most noticeably as mentioned in the interview was when Marie was asked to collaborate with Covenant for the track 'False Gods' released March 1st 2019!

Most importantly this is not about the sad beginnings of trauma that started Marie's music and how they could have stopped at several low points in their life, this is about the future and the faith I have in them to rock our collective sh*t in what I hope will be a standout career and an incredible artist that promoters will clamour to book!


Instead of going over the albums, I am just going to point out some of the most noteworthy tracks of grabyourface in my opinion.

Well in-case it was not incredibly obvious go listen to 'State Rejects' at the top of this article, as well as 'FKNBSTRDS and HOWDAREU' both available in the bandcamp stream below for the best musical 10/10 angry techno goodies.

'Rob the Bank' released in October 2021 is a slow burner that gets deep, deep in to your soul and has you melodically growling out the phrase 'Rob a bank with me' to yourself for days on end once Marie gets their teeth in to you with the incredibly catchy anti-capitalist art piece. 9/10

'Shore' is my personal favourite gyf track because it is so incredibly relatable in the lyrics. The sense of loss, heartbreak, nostalgia and pain are unavoidable. The entire song is a swansong and epitaph for the life that could have been whilst still holding strong for the future. Each time the chorus kicks in, the music takes a deep dive in to incredibly satisfying shifts in pitch that really dose hit hard in the best way and I honestly love this track beyond words. It's got me very emotional a few times now. 11/10

'Summer on Saturn' has that darkwave sense of unease and anxiety running throughout with the deep rumbling synth and peaking vocals that somehow digs deep in to the listener and once you embrace it, becomes really enjoyable, like a catharsis for the mind 8/10

'Videotapes' is such a catchy melody and uses a perfect sampling of American Psycho to really make this track a masterwork of editing and sampling. it's so fun to listen to as well, one of the most 80's industrial sounding tracks around. 9/10

On the same album of Keep Me Closer is the incredible war cry of 'Keepthemclose' which I mentioned near the start. This isn't aggressive in the sense of a traditional war cry, but more that inspirational voice urging you to go on, to not give up, and to keep fighting. It is beautiful, simple - yet poignant, and showcases the most eloquent and delightful French accent that Marie has 10/10

'Dystopiannow' - This is a slow ambient and piano piece that has Terresa May giving a speech about keeping her in power to get on with Brex-Sh*t and it is interesting to see that someone from France was just as angry at what they were hearing as we were. Available on Philophobia.

Sad that I missed out on a Unicorn pic because to quote Marie when I asked about this .. "Everyone did. I fu*king drew them all."

There are of course, many more great songs to discover with grabyourface but I urge you to go look for yourself, and maybe buy a couple of bits from Marie next Bandcamp Friday, maybe one on their self released bandcamp, and one on their Negative Gain one to show the label that they really do have a star on the rise here.

Thank you for reading and may the best things in life grab you by the face!


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