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Album Review: The Plan: A Tribute To Mak

It's a beautiful thing when a community unites together, and a tragedy that the unity is one of grief as well as celebration. So it is that dozens of artists have contributed to an incredible tribute to the Godfather of Goth. Mayuan Mak founded the world famous temple of love and acceptance - the longest running Goth nightclub in the world in the form of Slimelight Elektrowerkz. This club is a shining beacon of acceptance and unity for all alternative culture. It was a real honour to stream Cyber EVM 2.0 in his honour very shortly after his passing, and it is an honour now to review this four album tribute.

Each album comes with a beautiful PDF dedicated to his legacy and with words from each contributing artist.

Let us all remember to honour his legacy and continue to support his closest loved ones left behind..